Secrets, Lies, and more Secrets part 3

Hello everyone and welcome to part 3 of my series quiz, Secrets, Lies, and more Secrets. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this part, and I look forward to any comments, suggestions or complaints you might have.

Please make sure that you read parts 1 and 2 if you haven't already, but don't worry too much about re-taking it if you have already, unless you cannot remember what has happened. Thank you, guys.

Created by: Lisa29

  1. ~*Dream Mode*~ You look around, wondering what's going on. Surrounding you is a lake and a forest. The ground has a thick blanket of snow, and the lake is completely frozen over. Taking a closer look, you see that someone has set up a campfire. Curiosity gets the better of you, and whether its against your better judgement or not, you go over to investigate. A shadow-looking creature is all the hint you have, as a wind has picked up and its blowing your hair into your face. In an effort to see who is there, you try to keep your hair out of your face, though it doesn't work.
  2. Finally, the wind dies down and you find that your hair is out of your face and you can see again. You breathe a sigh of relief and happiness that the wind has stopped. Being able to see again makes you super curious as to who or what is by the campfire and, even more interestingly, how did they start it to begin with on the snow?
  3. Sitting on a log by the campfire is a guy, seemingly normal. Not just any guy, though. Upon a closer inspection, you can see that he has blood red hair with a single streak of jet black hair going along the middle of it. It seems impossible to tell if the black streak is natural or not, just like it seems impossible to tell if the rest of his hair is naturally blood red - you suspect not.
  4. You realise that this mystery guy has his back to you, as he hasn't turned around yet. Unfortunately, it means that you can only see the back of him properly. Still, you decide to look closer at the mystery dude. Cautiously, you edge closer to the campfire.
  5. As you get closer to the campfire, mystery guy turns around. His face cracks into a wide grin, but somehow it doesn't quite reach his eyes. It seems a little bit forced, as if he doesn't particularly want to grin. Now that he's facing you, and you're standing closer to him you can see the strange colour of his eyes. They appear to be the same jet black as the streak in his hair. Seemingly the only colour in his eyes except the black is an orange-blue mixture around the outside of his pupils. This makes his stare seem so penetrating that he can almost appear to see into your soul.
  6. Mystery guy gets up from his seat on the log, and you realise that he's 5'9" - only 4 inches taller than you are! He has a very muscular build; with powerful arms and an eight pack showing clearly through his t shirt.
  7. "Hello __________." Mystery guy says in a way of greeting. "Are you enjoying the scenery?" He chortles at his own little joke as his grin turns into a sly smirk. Funny enough, the way this guy talks... his voice seems as smooth as velvet; which is surprising because of how powerfully he's built. Mystery guy looks directly into your eyes, and you feel almost captivated by him and his enchanting eyes. "Uh, how do you know my name?" You manage to ask, speaking softly. Your eyes are trained on this mystery man. Although he greets you like a friend, you are sure that you have never met him before. Nor seen him before; for that matter.
  8. The mystery guy looks really offended, as if you'd personally insulted him by not answering his question properly. "You remember me, surely?" He asks smoothly, though there seems to be a hint of hurt in his voice. Shaking your head you answer with a clear no. "Sorry. Should I know you, then?"
  9. ~*Dream mode ends*~ Waking up, you find that you're sweating, panting and on the floor intead of in the bed. You climb back into your bed just as the door opens and none other than Jay pokes his head inside the door. "_______,are you alright? I thought I heard screaming." He says, leaning on the doorframe. "I'm fine, just had a really strange dream." You admit. "Can I come in?" Jay asks, clearly concerned. You nod slightly, telling him that he can and you pat a spot on the bed next to you. Jay smiles and lets himself in before perching on your bed. "Now, what was that dream about?" He asks.
  10. You briefly outline what occured during your dream, and Jay begins to look worried; especially when you describe the mystery guy you saw. Once you'd finished describing him, Jay stood and shouted an ugly swear word. "What's wrong?" You ask nervously, since he'd just put you on edge. "That guy you was talking to... that's a guy named Gareth. He's bad news." Jay told you. "He's tryjng to take over the world, and would if he had only support to worry about." You stare in shock. "But... he seemed so nice..."
  11. Jay shook his head. "Trust me. He's not. Just, stay away from him. Okay?" You nod. "Fine." You agree. Secretly, though, you're planning how to stop and chat if you see him in the streets.
  12. There's a knock at the door, and you open it to find Mark stood outside. "Right. It's daytime now. You should go find your friend." He tells you. Hearing that makes you feel terrible, as you nearly forgot about Lizzy with the excitement over the dream and that. "But, how do I find her?" You ask, clueless. This place is huge, after all. "Easy. It's called open your eyes and look. So, get looking."
  13. You get up properly to start looking for Lizzy, supposing that Mark is right. You decide to begin in the rooms along the corridor. *Mark's pov* "Are you sure she's the one?" I comment dryly. "She doesn't seem like everything she's meant to be..."

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