Pride of Magic - Part I

This quiz series is based off of the book 'Claws', written by Mike and Rachel Grinti. Although I've tweaked the characters and changed most of the words, I must give credit to them for making the amazing original book. Otherwise, this quiz series would not have been made. :)

Welcome to Part I of Pride of Magic! Ensia Vu is a Vietnamese-American girl moving into a beat-up neighborhood full of monsters because of her missing sister, Melanae. Her parents insist it is "temporary", but she tends not to believe them. Soon enough, the pride of magic appears, and boom! You'll have to read further to find out the rest! :D

Created by: carma

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  1. "Is that it?" Ensia asked as they pulled up in front of a rusty grey trailer. The yard was overgrown with weeds and surrounded by a rotting wooden fence. Behind the trailer, a line of oak trees marked the boundary of the magical forest. "That's it." her dad confirmed. "That's our new home."
  2. Ensia's stomach dropped. She couldn't think of anything to say. Their old house hadn't been big, but it was near her friends, and there'd been a library and park Ensia could walk to. She missed it already.
  3. The trailers here all looked beat-up, the roads were full of potholes, and the only thing she could walk to was the forest. The trees grew close together, and between them were huge bramble bushes and weeds as tall as Ensia's waist. Years ago, before Ensia was born, the forest had magically grown and swallowed up half the city, but now it just sat there, still and menacing.
  4. It was all her sister Melanae's fault. They wouldn't have had to move if Melanae hadn't disappeared three months ago. But Ensia tried not to think about her. She was tired of crying. It never made anything better. It didn't bring her sister back. And she tried not to think about what her friends would say when they found out she was living in a trailer park with a bunch of crags. She'd tried to explain it but they didn't listen. Some days it felt like they forgot she was still there.
  5. "Does it even have running water?" she asked. "We're not going to have to put out buckets when it rains, are we?"
  6. "It's got water and electricity and everything," her dad reassured. "It won't be so bad, I promise."
  7. Her dad had also promised the police would find Melanae. Then he'd promised that the private investigators he'd hired would find her. He hadn't kept either one of those promises. Ensia knew it wasn't his fault, but still. You were supposed to keep your promises.
  8. "It's only temporary," her mom insisted. "Just until we get our finances together and your dad takes care of a few things."
  9. "Think of it as an adventure," her dad added. "The police told me it's safe enough for humans as long as we stay out of the forest."
  10. "As long as we stay out of the backyard, you mean." Ensia protested.
  11. "Nope, just you," her dad said. "We're still aloud in the yard." He glanced back at her mom from the passenger seat, smiling.
  12. It wasn't a very convincing smile. Ensia knew he was trying to act like everything was okay. But every day that Melanae didn't come home, his face looked thinner and more of his hair turned gray.

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