Hogwarts, magic, and secrets part 10

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately! I've been reading fanfic's on Wattpad and I've been caught up with my story in there! Once again: so sorry!!

Recap: You were entered into the Triwizard Tournament and you were freaking out! Hermione and Neville had to shove you up there. You had a breakdown and Dumbledore suggested you represent Beauxbatons! Accio quiz!

Created by: Pyra Potter
  1. It's been a week since the champion selection, and Ron is still ignoring you! You were walking to care of magical creatures when Draco just had to open his mouth. He was in a tree with his little cronies under it. "You stink Potter!!! You too Conners!" He shouted the second sentence after brief hesitation. "Shove off, Malfoy!" Harry returned. "My father and I have this bet you see. I think you won't last ten minutes in this tournament," he said as he landed in front of you. 'Please, Draco, stop' you mouthed to him. He shook his head and turned his attention to Harry again. "Father disagrees. He thinks you won't last five!" Draco laughed. Harry snapped! He pushed Draco against the tree with a burst of strength and anger. "I don't give a s--- what your father thinks! He's foul and cruel. And you're pathetic," Harry walked away with you. "I'll show you pathetic!" Draco mumbled and pulled out his wand. "Levicorpus!" Draco cast and you shoved Harry out of the way. You were lifted in the air and it was all you could do to keep your robes covering yourself. "Please put me down," you tried. He just laughed. "Put me down," you tried again. He lifted you higher. It was your turn to snap. "DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY, PUT ME THE H--- DOWN RIGHT NOW!!!!" You shouted. Draco jumped and lost his concentration. You fell and Harry caught you just before you would have broken something. "Thanks," you smiled as he put you down. "Anytime," he smirked. You dusted yourself off and turned with Harry to walk away. Draco started to say another spell when Moody came out.
  2. "How dare you attack when their back is turned, you bloody coward!" Moody said as he transfigured Draco into a ferret. He made Draco jump around in the air and Harry whispered to him, "Can you make him crawl in Crabbe's pants?" Moody nodded and shoved the unfortunate ferret into Crabbe's pants. "That is the ultimate torture!" You covered your eyes. Professor McGonnagle dashed over once Moody resumed bouncing Draco like a basketball. "Alastor, is that a student?" She asked shocked as she pointed to the white animal. "Technically it's a ferret!" He responded. You began laughing as Draco was transfigured into a boy once more and he ran away. You and Harry laughed and went to care of magical creatures. That class was boring so I'm skipping to after it.
  3. You walked into Hermione, not looking where you were going, and you both fell over. The two of you laughed, "Are you okay?" In unisons you said, "Yea, you?" The two of you laughed again and you helped Hermione back up to her feet. She thanked you with a smile and Ron grunted in annoyance. Hermione rolled her eyes and Ron whispered something to her and she became anxious. She turned to you, you had a sour smirk and a look that said 'what is going on?'. She took a deep breath and said quickly, "Ronald wants me to tell you that he was told by Seamus who was told by Dean who was told by Parvati that Hagrid's looking for you." "Well you can tell Ron," Harry started angrily. His anger quickly turned to confusion, "Wait, what?" Hermione made a whimpering noise and ran back to Ron. She came back and tried again, "Seamus was told by Dean who was told by Parvati. Please don't make me say it again. Hagrid's looking for you." "You can tell Ron," Harry started again. Hermione whipped around angrily, "I'm not an owl!" "You certainly seem to be his," Harry retaliated. You gasped and Hermione ran off. "Hermione, wait!" You shouted, running after her. You finally caught up with her and she was still furious. So furious that she didn't even look at who had their hand on her shoulder. "Harry, get away!" She snarled. "Wrong fourth year," you said. She smiled and hugged you tightly. "I'm sorry about Harry," you whispered as you hugged her back. She nodded and pulled away. "Why are you following Ron around anyway?" You asked. "I may or may not have a teensy crush on him," she answered awkwardly. "Ooh!" You teased. "You're giving me the deats later!" You whispered and ran off. She nodded, chuckled, and waved as you took off inside.
  4. You went to potions and sat beside Harry because Hermione was by Ron. After a few minutes of making antidotes for poison, that Snape threatened to test on the maker, a Gryffindor third year walked in. Snape looked up from his paperwork and waited for Colin to get to his desk. "Sorry, Professor. Harry and Esmerelda are needed," he sad feebly. Snape had that affect on people. "Mr. Potter and Ms. Conners are not excused," Snape said without glancing t the Gryffindor. "Professor Dumbledore needs them," Colin argued. "Potter, Conners, go. Lead you things," Snape demanded. "The won't be back for the rest of class," Colin whispered. "Fine! Potter, Conners: to your things and get out of my sight!" Snape spat. Colin ran out of the dungeon and you and Harry followed.
  5. Colin lead you to the champion's room from the first night and then he left. You smiled at the young boy. He was a third year now, and not as Harry-obsessed as he was his first year. He ha quite a few friends now, but he still tried to help Harry every chance he got! You sat down on the floor of the dank, dark room with Harry to your let and Fleur Delacour to your right. Behind her, on a chair, was Cedric and next to him was Viktor Krum. Behind Ced and Krum were Maxime and Karkaroff, looking ticked off. You had gotten over your fear of the unknown, as much as possible, and you felt rather confident about what was happening. Olivander, Dumbledore, and the Daily Prophet writers came in a moment later. You smiled seeing as Dumbledore wasn't as furious today.
  6. After Fleur, Cedric, Krum, ad Harry had been called up to Olivander for wand inspection, it was your turn. You smiled and walked up to him gracefully, while pulling your hair from your red face. "Ah, Miss Conners! I remember you buying your wand rather vividly. You had four wands that matched you perfectly! Yet you chose the simplest of the quartet. Why is that?" He asked. "I had more than one reason, sir," you answered and handed the wand maker your unassuming and typical wand. He noted his head for your elaboration. "I've always found myself winking into the crowd, like this wand. I was plain, unassuming, boring, and unwanted. That's why I chose this wand. It's the me of wand lore," you answered with a kind smile. "Very good choices, Miss! Now, let's see. Still in perfect order. 12 3/5 inches. Ash wood, unyielding and perfect for transfiguration!" Olivander praised as he returned your wand. You thanked him an returned to your spot when Rita Skeeter, a Prophet writer, walked up. "Hello, I'm Rita Skeeter! Editor of the Daily Prophet," the blond shook everyone's hand. "Although, you of course know that! It's you we don't know! What secrets lode beneath this rosy cheeks? What horrors hide behind those curls? What life do the muscles mask? In other words, what makes a champion tick!" She clapped you on the shoulder. "Who wants to go first? No one? Let's start with the youngest," Skeeter tisked and ragged you into a cupboard.
  7. "You don't mind if I use a quick-quotes quill, do you?" She asked as a green quill flew up from her bag. "Actually, yes. Those things are extremely dramatic," you answered coyly. She nodded and pulled a regular white quill pen. "Alright. So, Esmerelda, what do you think pushed you to enter this tournament?" She asked while peering over her sickly pink glasses. "I actually didn't enter. It hadn't even crossed my mind. If I'm honest I was terrified once my name was called and now one of my bet friends won't even talk to me! However, I will not deny that I have always like the idea of attention. It's one of the many things I never get at home. Now that I've gotten over the fact that I have to do this, I think it could be fun," you answered. "Who is this friend and he won't thy talk to you?" Rita asked as she wrote down the interview. "I'm not giving names, Miss Skeeter. He won't talk to me because he wanted to enter the tournament," you answered. "You seem extremely honest for a 12 year old!" She praised. "I'm 14," you corrected. She nodded. "Do you think our attention seeking has come for the fact that you never knew your parents?" She continued. "Not really. It's the fact that I am basically a slave in my own home," you answered. "Well, since we're on the topic, how do you think your parents would feel if they knew you entered this tournament?" "I cannot answer that. Like you said, I never knew my parents so I don't know how they would react. Plus, I didn't enter," you answered. She continued to scribble on the note pad. "Ezy Conners, have you ever considered the fact that you don't know anything of your parents because you do not exist?" She pondered. "What do you mean?" You asked. "Well, deary, there isn't a single document of an Esmerelda Marie Conners anywhere until you enrolled at Hogwarts!" She explained. "Miss Skeeter, I realize you're only doing your job. However, I believe this interview is over," you said coldly as you left the broom cupboard.
  8. "Can I go?" You asked Dumbledore. He nodded and you left to the library.
  9. Hey guys! I'm so sorry I had really bad writers block! Anyway, I hope you like it and comment! Accio really boring results with which I was empty!

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