Hogwarts, magic, and secrets 11

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately! I've been reading fanfic's on Wattpad and I've been caught up with my story in there! Once again: so sorry!!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on lately! I've been reading fanfic's on Wattpad and I've been caught up with my story in there! Once again: so sorry!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. What Skeeter had told you really got under your skin. You didn't exist? Either that or your birth was a complete secret. You doubted that, though. You weren't quite sure why, but something told you to look closer at that book you found on the train. You sat down at a table in the far corner of the library, and opened the leather bound black book. You flipped to the conspiracy section as you pinned your dark red hair back with a black bobby pin. You gazed over the pages, not really retaining anything. After a while you sighed and pushed to book away, deciding it was useless. You, being a seer of sorts, knew what the first task would be. Dragons. You didn't now the types you would get, but still you researched them all.
  2. "Ezy?" Someone asked from behind you. You whirled around, ready to hut them if needed. It was only Hermione. You sighed. "Yeah, Hermione?" You asked as you closed the book you were reading. "Why are you in here; you don't like the library," Mione responded. "Oh! Skeeter. Said that Esmerelda Conners doesn't exist. So I came in here to look myself up," you shrugged, not caring how little sense it made. Mione nodded and went to finish her homework.
  3. Sorry that I'm skipping so much, but this is the day of the task!
  4. You weren't as nervous as you should be as you paced the halls, waiting for Dumbledore to call you down to the task. You were still fairly nervous, but near as much. You did your research, practiced spells, even made a couple up, and you knew that Dumbledore wouldn't let the dragon severely damage you. That, at least, was comforting. Hermione came running down the corridor, book in hand, and stopped a few inches before you. "What is it, Hermione?" You asked confused. She smiled from ear to ear as she showed you the book. "Is it a book to help me fight a dragon, cuz that's what I have to do in a half an hour!" You said. "No! It's a book on magical families! Just read it," Hermione instructed as she opened the book. On page 45 of Magical Family Deaths said '_{first name}_ _{middle name}_ Potter. Died Halloween, the last year of He-who-must-not-be-named's reign. Her one year old body was never found, however, it is said that"”like her brother, Harry Potter"”she had a scar. Unlike her brother, the scar was a star and was to be found on her right hand from her attempt to block the killing curse.' "This has what to do with me?" You asked. "'Scar on her right hand. Her body was never found!' Ezy, you're _{first name}_ Potter!" Hermione exclaimed. "A lot of people have scars on their hands!" You told her. She instructed you to read the next paragraph. 'Her baby pictures show she had red hair and brown eyes. Also, based on her attitude during her very short life"”stubborn and outspoken (even if she couldn't speak very well)"”she was to have taken after her father, James Potter.' "Now do you believe me?" Hermione whined. "Do you have any other evidence?" You asked. "Yes, actually. I searched everywhere, and there is not a single documentation of the birth of an Esmerelda Conners!" She told you matter-of-factly. "Does Harry know?" You asked. "No, I thought I'd let you tell him," Hermione answered. You nodded and raced off to find your friend, who was anxiously waiting for you at the champion's tent. .
  5. "Harry! Harry, Harry, Harry!" You cried once you reached the tent. The jet black haired Gryffindor looked at you strangely, and curiously. "Read this," you instructed and shoved the book in his hand. He read through it, emerald eyes wide, and coronal flashed passed through them. Lime green, pink, purple, blue, red, black, and back to emerald. Memories. For some reason you didn't want to believe that you were _____ Potter. It was probably due to the fact that you were without your twin brother for twelve years. Harry looked up curiously. "I didn't believe it either, but it does make sense," you said gently. "It makes complete sense, ______! I remember last year, Snuffles said that you looked like someone. Lupin didn't let him say who. He was going to say you look like Mum. Except, you've got Dad's eyes," Harry gave a small smile. You started crying, having no clue why. You jumped at him and hugged him like a Weasley. He returned it without second thought.
  6. "Ah, young love!" An annoying voice tutted. That made you sick to your stomach. You pulled back and glared at Skeeter. "How very.......stirring," she concluded, her quick quotes quill scribbling away. You turned to Harry, and whispered, "Can I tell her? It'd be weird for both of us when this is in the Daily Prophet." You pulled back, he nodded with a smirk, and you turned to the blond in alligator skin. "The non-existent girl and the boy who lived!" She continued. "Actually, it's the girl who lived, not non-existent. I'm sure you've heard of _____ Potter?" You smirked, the last sentence in a mock baby voice. Everyone in the tent gasped, but you and Harry were laughing so hard. "But, But, how?" She spluttered. You were about to give a were sarcastic answer, but Viktor Krum decided it was time for her to leave. "This tent is for champions.......and friends," he said as Mione came in, looking for Harry. Skeeter gave a humph and left without another word.
  7. Hermione and Harry were talking, but you were running through the spells you had learned and the ones you had created. {I'm just going to skip the dragon drawing and get right to where you battle the dragon. Your dragon is Smaug from the Hobbit!}
  8. The cannon went off for the fourth time, signaling it was your turn. You took a deep breath, gripped your wand, and walked into the arena. Oh, Merlin, that dragon's big! The dragon is just smaller than a Hungarian Horntail, is silver with armor like scales, and has silver horns. The dragon made the first move. He blew fire at you, scorching fire. You wand your wand, "Aguameti!" Water blocked some of the flame, but your arm was still burnt. Ouch! You paid n attention as you dodged her sharp teeth as she snapped at you. In turn, making you dive behind some boulders. 'Think, think, what was that spell?!' You thought urgently. 'Oh!' You smiled as the incantation cam rushing back to you. "Multipius," you cast, wand to yourself. Six other you's came rushing out from behind the rock to distract the dragon. You bolted from your hiding place, nearly reaching the egg. But, the dragon swung her tail, and knocked you back to where you started, your cloning spell diminished. Your back slammed into a rock, sickening crunches echoing around you. "Adrecus," you cast, wand to yourself. You stood up quickly, feeling no pain, and ran faster than anyone around the dragon. You confused her as she tried to catch you, until you grabbed the golden egg, and ran to the other side of the arena.
  9. *casts Protego charm* Please don't kill me! I know, I've neglected you guys. I'm sorry! I'm having massive writers block with all of my series! I'm thinking of stopping this one and Life and Love at Hogwarts. Would you kill me for that?
  10. Anyway, I hope you liked it, and I'm sorry if it's worse than caring for a flobberworm! :( . Accio results that are as lame as usual!

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