A Hogwarts Story of Love pt2

Ok this is the sequal to my last quiz A Hogwarts Story of Love.I dont get why we have to write these no one ever reads them,but whatever.Please just try to read the first one before you read this one.That way there is no confusion.

This a love quiz with a Harry Potter theme to it.Sorry I made you guys wait like a week I hade writers block and had problems when i was putting it together in my notebook before typing it.Word to the wise:dont try writing a story while reading a book.My problem was reading Harry Potter books while trying to write.

Created by: Cherryflower

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  1. You wake up the next morning with a smile on your face.You get ready for the day then head down to the common room.You look at the clock and realize how early it isand that your the only one awake.You sit on the couch and begin to read Hogwarts,A History.About an hour a d 20 mins later Hermione walks down and gives you a smile."Want to go down to breakfast?" she asks.
  2. Regardless,you both go down to breakfast together."So,are you excited for the new year? she asks."Ya,actually i am.I'm very curious to find out whats new." you reply.As you start eating Ginny nudges you and points to the end of the table."Look,"she says excitedly"Our Quidditch captain,Oliver Wood is starring at you!" You turn you head and look at his as he quickly looks away,becoming very interested in his fork.You just barely blush then say ...
  3. Breakfast was finished and you went to Charms.While you were there you learned the summoning charm."Accio-" you began,but suddenly you were interupted to see Neville fly across the room and hit the wall.You ran over and nelt beside him,all color draining from your face leaving you a deathly pale.Prof.Flitwick managed to make his way through the crowd of concerned students with Madame Pomfrey at his heels.Neville lay there motionless as you watched him be carried away on a streacher.
  4. You finally stood up and looked at all of the other worried faces,but you noticed a group of slytherans in the far corner laughing and snikkering.You felt an unusual,overpowering rage make you abliviate to everything else.NO ONE HURTS YOUR FRIENDS.NO ONE.You walked over to them holding back anger."WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!!!!!" you yelled."Whats it to you?" snapped Pansey."Why do y--.......nevermind"you said glaring at them making them all feel guilty.You began to walk away,but then you stopped."Oh and Malfoy," you said over your shoulder "watch your back."
  5. Charms was cut short because of Neville's little mishap so you decided to go visit him.You got to the hospital wing and made your way to Neville's bed."Hey Neville,how are you feeling?" you asked."Fine"he said "but i ache all over,i had i mionor cuncusion,and my arm is broken." You gave a look of sympathy and sorrow."So I take it your not having a very good first day back."you said sitting his bedside."*sigh* I guess not"he replied."Its ok,there are always ways to make things better." you said smiling "Always" you looked at the clock and stood up."Well,I just wanted to make sure you were ok.I'll see you in the common room later,bye."you said walking off.
  6. After visiting Neville you headed off to Hogwarts History.On your way there you passed by the Arithmancy classroom and over heard Prof.Trelawney say something about Mars.You rolled your eyes,"That woman is crazy." you said to yourself.In history you about fell asleep considering the only thing you understood about the lesson was that it had something to do with goblins,when Ron passed you a note.'What are you doing free period?' it read.'I dont know,nothing i guess.Why?' you wrote back.'Just wondering if you wanted to take a walk with me during that time.'you looked at him in astonishment but he didnt seem to notice.'Sure,why not.'you scribbled down.
  7. You had never seen Ron happier in your life.He was grinning from ear to ear,and just couldn't stop.After that History and every other class after that flew by in an instant.As soon as DADA was over it was free period,and you and Ron started to wonder the grounds together in silence.After a small while you two found yourselves by the Black Lake.You walked over to a large rock and sat on it motioning Ron to do the same."Thanks for coming with me." he said after taking a seet next to you."No problem"you said"I always have time to be with my friends."He smiled at you and looked at the lake.
  8. You both were very quiet until rested your head on his shoulder.He flinched then looked at you."Is there a problem?" you asked."Umm,no uh Im fine." he replied now turning a bit pink.You both just sat there starring into each others eyes.You knew what was coming so you closed your eyes and took a deep breath.You felt a warm pressure against your lips."Well Weasley,looks like you've got yourself a girlfriend." you heard a voice snikker.You both turned around to see Draco standing there next to Pansey Perkinson.
  9. "What do you want Malfoy?"Ron snapped,now as red as a tomato."Oh,nothing." he said with a wicked grin as he turned around and left.You shot them a glare and turned back to Ron.You put a hand on his arm,"Its ok Ron.Just simmer down,and I'll find a way to get back at them." you said hoping to lighten his mood.His face was less red and he seemed less tense "Uh,come on," he said now heading in the direction of the castle "well be late for supper."
  10. Ok guys sorry this took so long i had really bad writers block and im still kinda new at this.And if there were any words that were inunderstandable im sorry.For some reason i like using the words that i use everyday instead of words that make sense to others.Ill try to get the next one up soon.Bye X

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