I'm having a bit of a confidence crisis!! I don't think that people like my stories and it's a bit hurtful. Please read this and tell me what you think!

If I don't receive any uplifting, inspiring, or constructive comments I will stop writing 'Hogwarts, magic, and secrets' and redo the series on Wattpad.

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. Okay, so I have decided to mix up the way I write because I seem to be losing more readers by the chapter.
  2. For example: On 'Your strange life at Hogwarts' I started off with 56 people who read it! Now I have 10.
  3. Well, considering that I don't have many readers on 'Hogwarts, magic, and secrets' I have decided that I will start posting it on wattpad.
  4. For those of you who do NOT have access to wattpad I will still post the series here but the time length between editions will be longer
  5. I may reconsider this if I get more readers.
  6. I can only get more readers by improving the story
  7. I can only improve the story if you tell me what I need to improve
  8. And I can only know what I need to improve on if you tell me. You can only tell me in the comments
  9. Thanks guys! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong and what story you are referring to. Thanks!
  10. I suggest reading all three paragraphs for extra information. Thanks!

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