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  • I have a couple opinions on this matter. So I suppose I'll just state my honest opinion.

    1) I don't think that you should value the number of viewers as much as you do. I think that you should value whether you enjoy writing it over the number of viewers

    2) I'm pretty sure Gotoquiz has lost a lot of users to watt pad, which may be why you noticed a dip in numbers.

  • Still want them, but don't have access to wattpad, so I have to rely on Gotoquiz. Choppinosta (sorry I can't spell the username right) is right, this website has lost a lot to wattpad. Please please keep writing these! They are so awesome, probably the best i have ever seen (other Hogwarts story creators: I like yours as well :) ) keep writing!!!!!!

  • Aw about the later editions thing, but I'm glad you decided to continue writing! I'll suggest these series to all of my friends, I'm sure they'd love it as well!

  • Thanks guys! You're right, I'm being silly. *feeling much better!*

    Pyra Potter
  • Thank you!

    Pyra Potter
  • Late entrys are better than none! :)

  • i LOVE your stories!!!


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