I'm going to rant! (Pyra Potter)

Well this quiz is just a rant about my day with the people of the internet! This site is my closest thing to a diary, considering neither are private,and I don't mind sharing this.

I have had an upsetting "talk" with internet people. Although, what really sets me off is the fact that they didn't care UNTIL I ASKED FOR HELP!!!!!!! Stupid, backwards people!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. *ENTIRE QUIZ IS IN A FALSELY SWEET OR ANGRY TONE THIS IS FALSELY SWEET* Hello all of you lovely people who decided to see me rant!!
  2. *ANGRY* I am f***ing ticked off at hexrpg.com right now!!!!!!!! About six months ago I made an account called potiondefense24, which I forgot about the next day. I assumed that the account was disabled so I made a new account: Pyra Potter. On Pyra Potter I had about 25,000 galleons, quite a few contest entries, and enrolled in the classes.
  3. Well, I haven't played Pyra in a month so I forgot my password. I asked the people to send it to me and do you know what they did?
  4. They disabled my account!!!!!!! I had to go back to potiondefense24 and Pyra lost EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Pyra lost her galleons, entries, grades, classes, and everything else!!!! And, unlike potiondefense24, I actually like this username!
  6. I tried to ask the people if they could disable potiondefense24 and re-instate Pyra Potter and they didn't even answer the question!
  7. Anyway I am ticked off at internet people and at hex! So thanks for listening!
  8. Bye people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Angrily thinks of killing the internet*

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