Some Girl's Diary

"Some Girl's Diary" is about, well let's just call her "That Anonymous Girl". She's 17 and she's been going through this roller coaster ride called 'High School'.

She's solving the mysterious problems of growing up and learning from your mistakes, even if those mistakes meant life or death. I really hope you like this story, because you might even relate to some parts in the story!

Created by: DaughterOfPoseidon
  1. Today was the first day of summer, and it is HOT! I feel like I'm going to burn to ashes and die of high temperature. Is that possible? ANYWAYS! As fun as summer is for you, let me tell you something, it isn't all fun and games for me. Um, I've been having problems. I dont have anyone to talk to about them, so I decided to go to the dollar store and pick up a notebook.
  2. Its like... An anonymous letter to you from some anonymous girl. Yes, I'm a girl. I can only tell you so little info on myself, you might as well call me a stranger. But, the fact that I am a complete stranger to you doesn't mean I don't relate to common teen problems.
  3. I've been through anorexia when I was 12. I kept on rejecting every meal I got, but please. Just please understand something, I didn't want to be this way. Some teenage girls look in the mirror and call themselves fat and hideous. Then they go on a "diet" to stay thin.
  4. Well, i didn't become anorexic because of that. I just wanted to feel the pain, I guess. I didn't want to cut myself because I'm scared of the blades. Which I thought was a good thing. I thought about how less painful it would be to just stop something. So I started to stop seeing my friends, I started avoiding my family as much as I can and then one day, I just stopped doing everything.
  5. I don't mean, that i killed myself for a day. That wouldn't be possible in the world, (as we know anyway). I just woke up on a weekend morning and just stayed there. I just stared up to the ceiling while my mom was at the mall with my little sister, looking for summer clothes. They went for the whole day, so I thought this was my chance to do something and figure out whats wrong with me.
  6. I decided to just skip breakfast and maybe doodle on my notepad for a bit. Once breakfast past, so did lunch. My mom and my sister came home at 6pm. My mom said sorry for being late and asked me if I ate anything yet. I thought about it for a second and replied, yes. She nodded and headed downstairs to do the laundry.
  7. My sister stared at me. "I'm going to look at my clothes" she said, and ran off upstairs. I thought about what I had done today and I felt great. So I continued doing the same thing tomorrow and lie about eating. I would fake the whole thing, like put a cereal bowl in the sink and drizzle some water over it to make it look like I ate cereal. Then put a spoon in it too, grab a glass and fill it slightly with orange juice. And dump it in the sink. TADA! I ate breakfast!
  8. So that's how I became anorexic. Luckily, my little sister figured what was going on a couple months later and told me to quit it and move on. By the way, my little sister is 9 and I'm 17. I told her I couldn't stop and that she should just play along. She finally gave in and walked away. Two years later, she had enough of it and told me to stop or else she'll make some changes with my eating habits. I cried that night, but I knew I had to stop because it made me have health problems. So my sister helped me and started telling me to eat a sandwich for lunch and start little and growing into the habit of a healthy lifestyle.
  9. Well that's all I gotta say for this entry. My hand's getting tired of writing in this notebook I think it'll fall off. Anyways, thanks for listening... It makes me feel better knowing someone's there to offer a shoulder to cry on. Thank you. -Love "That Anonymous Girl"
  10. Comment and rate! What did you think of this story? Should I continue? No haters! This was part 1 in the new book series, "Some Girl's Diary" by DaughterOfPoseidon. I don't have an account, so just search up DaughterOfPoseidon and it'll show my quizzes and stories!

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