Diary of Me (Daughter of Athena)

This is my diary. Hi! I'm Allison! I'm Athena's Daughter! Please read the second paragraph. I always put my important information in there. Space filler!

Today's my birthday! Please look at my private thoughts, it's not like as a human you can understand them anyway. (If you haven't already read the Percy Jackson books, you won't understand anyway)

Created by: Athenasyoungest
  1. July 31: Hi. I'm Allison. I guess I should start here. Today's my birthday and my mother's the Greek god, Athena. Oh, that last part? Yeah. I am. Really.
  2. I pretty much live in Camp Halfblood. I was born in New York, my dad and mom had me. (Even though they weren't even married). Then, my dad left my mom two years later, and she got mad and turned him into a sp-sp-sp-spider. I grew up on the streets.
  3. Finally, a girl named Annabeth Chase found me on the street and took me to Camp Halfblood where I later found out she was my sister. I was ten years old.
  4. Anyway, I woke up this morning in my cabin. Everything was normal. Did I mention I'm the YOUNGEST child of Athena? Well, I am. Everyone in our cabin thinks that it's funny to pick on me. Except Annabeth, that is.
  5. Well, after I went to breakfast, I did sword fighting. This boy walked up to me. He was SO cute. I asked Annabeth who he was. "That's Percy Jackson." She said. "He's an idiot." Percy beat me at sword fighting, I had a hard time focusing, though. I wonder why.
  6. August 1: This morning, I woke up at 3 am when my alarm went off. I knew everyone else was asleep. You see, I have what you may call a "bed wetting problem". And I have to get up at 3 am every morning to go to the bathroom. It's kind of serious, considering the fact that I'm eleven. Annabeth's the only person who knows because she caught me wetting the bed one night, and told me to use that trick.
  7. Today, Percy talked to me, he told me I was smart. I have dyslexia, but I still read a lot.
  8. We went hiking today, it was my first time hiking here. (I've been here 3 weeks). Every inch of my body hurt. Annabeth didn't look tired at all. Even though we climbed 12 miles. And walked 13 miles.
  9. August 2: When my alarm went off at 3 am, I didn't get up. I was too tired, I faintly fell back asleep.
  10. Annabeth shook me awake. "Allison..." She whispered, "Allison..." I woke up sleepily. "Hmm?" I said, only half awake. "Allison... Did you go to the bathroom at 3?" I shook my head and yawned. "Come on..." I got out of bed, I was aware what had happened now. I was blushing. Then I tripped, making a small noise. I saw Amanda wake up. "Allison? Why are you up?" She looked perplexed. "Go back to sleep, Amanda!" Annabeth whispered. Amanda's 15. Annabeth's 14. "You can't tell me what to do, so why are you two awake?" She looked at me, then my bed. "OH MY GODS! ALLISON WET THE BED!" Ansel woke up, then Annie, then Aaron, then Abel, then Amy, then Adam, then Axel, and finally Amber. Everyone (except Annabeth), burst out laughing.
  11. Continue the story with Diary of Me (Daughter of Athena) II, it should be up by tomorrow!

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