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Welcome to part 21 of I Know Your Secret! Now, don't beat me up. I know it's been a long time- like a year- since I updated this story but I honestly gave up. I moved on to wattpad and I write there but I then realized how many people I let down. I felt terrible and I decided to not give up! Even though I lost the whole plot in this story but I finally regained it and made a lot of changes. Now, after re-reading this, I felt kind of sick! xD I realized my writing needed a lot of editing. The reason why I noticed is because my writing now has improved and changed.

I want to redo the whole story but decided not to because that's a lot of work. But one day I will on wattpad! Now, I am currently working on four stories so please be patient! Since I took up both intros, the character's descriptions, powers and recap will be on the first three paragraphs! I hope some of you didn't die during my absence and enjoy this part~ :)

Created by: rvelez

  1. Descriptions: Cole: Your best friend, blonde hair and green eyes. He is human. Lillian: Your best friend, brown hair and green eyes. Very girly and human as well. Dale: Your older brother, brown hair and eyes, tall, somewhat built and human. Artie: jet black hair and grey eyes. Lips are an awesome shade of pink, lean body, fair skin. Half fallen and vampire also the water elemental. Jody: blue ocean eyes and messy but attractive brown hair. Very musculiar and tallish, fallen angel and earth elemental. Avery: hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair. About five inches taller than you, very muscluliar with nice tan. Dragon and fire elemental. Charmell aka Charmy: Artie's sister, short emo style hair, jet black hair and green eyes mixed with grey. Marco aka Mars: brown-orange color and caramel brown, kind of musculiar and okay tan. Werewolf with the power of energy. Remy: your childhood bff, golden yellow hair and blue eyes, skinny and around 5'5. Dragon with telekinsis. Ray: Falcon's best friend, blonde hair with emerald green eyes. Lean body with no tan, doesn't talk. Is a ghost with the spirit power.
  2. Falcon: Noreen's ex, icy blue eyes and jet black hair that's slicked back with gel. Musculiar nice tanned body and lips the perfect shade of pink. Vampire and wind elemental. Noreen: Falcon's ex, secretly Jody's cousin, long dark brown hair that ends at the middle of back, eyes are chocolate brown. Derek: Remy's boyfriend, auburn hair with brown hair, shapeshifter and mind reader. Rodrick: Noreen's assistant, red curly hair with dark brownish green eyes, musculiar and tall. Demon-scaly monster. Canada: Mars' sister, brown short wavy hair and blue eyes. Kind of pale and fragile looking. Sol: Old stone keeper, blazing yellow eyes and golden long hair that reaches shoulders, white but rich skin. White aka Flake: Main angel, crystal clear white eyes, dark black hair and tall. Golden aka Aaron: Main angel, dirty blonde hair with amazing golden eyes, small tan, tall and musculiar body. Cyan aka Lars: Main angel, dark brown hair that is almost black and cyan color eyes. Medium height body and a nice tan. Blue aka Sterling: Main angel who betrays the rest, secretly working for Noreen, blue eyes andbrown curly hair that almost falls over eyes. Lucarus: King angel of all angels, brown eyes and grey beard. Starry: Lucarus's daughter, angel, brown hair and big brown eyes.
  3. RECAP: You, Artie and Jody went off to Sol's place while the rest of the team bicker and argued. It came to be that Sol did not had nothing to do with the stones and Night, a lady that works for him, injects some green substance into you, causing you to pass out. Artie and Jody got angry and ready to fight but Sol stopped them and then soon informed them that the necklaces that they are wearing were made by Blue (Sterling). Sol said that the necklaces caused the stones to repel and disappear and Jody and Artie was surprised and angry. Then Sol said that the one you, (_____), is wearing is the real thing and he askes them who gave you the necklace and out of nowhere, Flake appears and says that he did. Artie dislikes him less but sadly, Jody still hates Flake. Sol suggests that they all split up to make the search easier and the head off to do so with Artie flying and holding you in his arms while Flake and Jody trail far behind. Flake tries to make up with Jody by telling him to put all the bad things behind them but Jody gets furious and tries to hurt him. Suddenly, Flake gets tired of him and threatens him that he knows Jody's secret. In this part, there will be a lot of POV switching! Enjoy! :)
  4. *Flake's POV* To see Jody's eyes go wide and his skin pale was something I was aiming to see. I finally have his attention. "Wh-what secret?!" He stammered with nervousness. He looked so helpless but this time, I chose to ignore him. I quicken my flying so I would be ahead but he suddenly grabbed my foot, yanking me back harshly.
  5. "Tell. Me. The. Secret." He hissed, his eyes were dead solid black at this point and I almost gave in with trembles, "You won't give me another chance so why the hell would I tell you?" "BECAUSE I WILL KILL YOU!" He yelled, suddenly tightening his grip on my ankle. I closed my eyes in pain but stayed strong. I must not give in.. This is blackmail.. This is revenge.
  6. *Artie's POV* As I continue to fly, I glanced behind me and noticed I lost Jody and Flake. I sighed, annoyed, facing ahead. Could they possibly be having a fight right now? No.. They can't. Not at this time. Not when _____ is like this. What if they got caught? I shook my head. Why so negative, Artie? I finally glimpsed down at _____. She looked so pale, so cold, so.. dead. Tears prick at the corners of my eyes and I inhaled, shakingly. No.. I must not.. Not now.. I looked below and I noticed we were above water. Wonderful, I could use the motivation to continue. I got this.. I got this. I thought to myself and I found myself staring back at _____. She's so beautiful.. I can't help myself but to lean in and press my nose against hers. It was cold and I pulled away with grief. If only I could see her eyes.. If only I could hear her voice one more time. Not knowing when she'll wake up is a plaintive twist inside.
  7. The wind picked up mighty fast and I panicked to keep _____ warm. I was struggling and all of a sudden, two black scaly dragons appeared by each of my sides. Both were growling and snapping their pointy teeth. The one on my left was a dark green with black slim drooling down it's mouth. It's eyes were a dead red color. I abhor and bumped onto the one on my right. It was a black one with huge horns and claws. I quickly pulled away, swerving as it shriek, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK". The high pitched sound it generated caused my head to pound with pain and I couldn't help but to cover my ears, resulting _____ to fall downward, shifting and swirling in the thrashing wind. I dropped my hands and cried out, "_____!" And just when I was going to swoop after her, I was hit on the back with one of the dragon's tail. I cried out loudly and twinge as I lost all energy and begun to plummet toward the scathing waves.
  8. I hit the waves hard, and descended onto the ocean floor, motionless. Everything was a blur for a few minutes and as I arched my back, I felt a surge of pain shoot up to the back of my neck. Bubbles blurted out as I open my mouth and closed my eyes tightly. I couldn't take the pain and I writhe, trying to smooth the terrible feeling away. That's when I noticed I lost _____. All senses came back to me and I hastily made my way back up to the thrashing surface, recovering from my awful state. The sky got darker and the stormy grey clouds moved in, covering what's left of what use to be a pale purple and blue sky. I felt fragile and out of energy and there was no sign of the monsters that attacked nor _____. I churn my body in circles and darted my eyes east, west, north, and south but there was no sign of nothing but the crashing waves and the darkness that started to take over. Then out of nowhere, I drifted into a void of darkness.
  9. *Flake's POV* Jody didn't let go. He didn't give up either and I struggled to escape his grasp making sure to kick him in the face. "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, JODY, RELEASE ME!" I yelled, trying to buck him off. He glared up at me but didn't comply and I suddenly felt him growing vines from his palm. My eyes widen and the sky suddenly got darker with stormy grey and frightening clouds. I glanced forward then back down at the angry earth elemental who now had my ankle sercurely tired up and wrapped with thick vegetation. His eyes were still black and he smirked, evily. "Better hold on tight, White." I then felt my face pale. Shoot..
  10. The vine grew longer and he released me, suddenly swooping toward the woods we were above, and dragging me with him with a yank. I lost all balanced and I tried to fly away but the vine had me in a tight grip. I set my body loose, causing me to dangle upside down. "JOOOODDYYYY!" I yelled, thrasing and yanking on my tied-up ankle. It was no use. With the speed he was going, it was also hard to flap my wings and fly on my own. He flew up high with me swinging below like a uncontrolled yo-yo then he suddenly swoop down abruptly, causing me to bounce up then down. Jody continued to fly down close enough for the top of the trees to hit me repeatedly and for cuts, bruises, and bleeding to form. I gasp out as I got slapped in the face with a twig and I felt myself go puny. I was beaten up and bloody by the time Jody finally flew up high.
  11. *Jody's POV* I glanced down at Flake and noticed he was no longer struggling. He was weak and badly beaten into a pulp. I felt my eyes glow back to it's original color and faced up. The clouds above looked threatening and I sighed. I lost Artie and I'm stuck with a passed out and bloody Flake dangling by the vine I was holding. I have to get rid of him. I felt myself loosen the grip I had on the end of the vine and I debated if I should just drop him. Should I? This guy made me fall. He's the reason why I fell from heaven. I have reason to hate him. I flicked on finger open, my grip suddenly slipping. This is it.. This is my chance.. Do I really want this? I flicked another finger open and I almost dropped him. I inhaled, stopping my flying. Why am I hesitating? Why am I feeling like this? What is this?
  12. I thought I was actually do it but I didn't. I clasp the vine with two hands, finally deciding not to drop him. If I do, _____ will probably hate me. Or will she? I shook my head and sighed. I found myself continuing to fly with Flake dangling. I felt weird but then again I couldn't do it. What secret was he talking about? Is it.. No.. It can't be. How does he know? What if he tells the rest after he wakes up? This is bad.. I dropped those thoughts and started to pull him up closer. He was cut up pretty bad. How was I going to explain this to the rest of the team? They will blow if they found out I did this. No wonder I'm a fallen.. I'm not suppose to be acting like this, but the fact that I am a fallen, it leaves me no choice but to do whatever I feel like now. There's no point.
  13. I heard a snap and my eyes darted to the vine. In the middle, it was begging for dropping. Before I could react, it snapped, and Flake descended. "No.." With that, I dropped the useless left over vine I had clasped around my hand, and dived after the unconcious Flake. I finally caught up to him in seconds, taking hold of both his arms and flying up. He was surprisingly light-- not heavy at all -- so I pulled him into both of my arms, awkwardly. "Well, this is nice.." I mumbled. But I shrugged that off and briefly stared up at the sky. Right on cue, it started to sprinkle. "Oh, great! Thank You so much!" I scowled sarcastically and just then it really started to pour. Both of us were soak in seconds and I couldn't help but to glare up at the sky.
  14. "WHY?" I yelled. Just then, I noticed I was flying over a body of water. I gulped and glanced back at the last piece of earth behind me. The trees wave a sad goodbye and I breathed in, facing hack up. My hair clung to my face so it was hard to see but that didn't stop me. I continue to fly over the thrashing waters that remind me of Artie. I wonder where he's at.. Antipatation coarsed through my veins as I wonder where exactly we are going. My gut just told me to go straight and I did. On the way there, I wondered who's stone we were going to find next. And then that's when I saw it. Something glimmering so brightly under the washing waters.
  15. I couldn't help but to dive closer, careful not to get caught in the waves. It's brightness has my attention and I want to see what it is. Unfortunately, with Flake passed out in my arms, I can't. I scowled, shaking him. "FLAKE! Wake up!" And as much I was hoping that would work, it didn't. He just laid limp in my arms. I closed my eyes and stopped just above the water's surface. Should I check out what it is or leave? What if it's a stone? Shoot.. I'm not leaving but I felt my arms giving up on me. I feel like I could drop Flake any minute and it's terrifiying. I can't swim very well.
  16. Inhaling, I clench my teeth. Must not give up.. Must not give up.. Must not give- Out in the distance, two dragons were aproaching me quickly, with blaring eyes and claws extended. I cursed to myself and just like a miracle, Flake groaned and shifted in my arms. "FLAKE! Wake up!" I yelled, not leaving my eyes on the two monsters coming forth. Apparently he was to dizzy and weak to fully wake up and the dragons circled us.
  17. *Avery's POV* After what felt like an enterity arguing with the rest, I noticed Artie,_____ and Flake were gone. My eyes widen and I looked around, panicking. When I couldn't find them, I blurted out, flailing, "THEY'RE GONE! THEY'RE GONE, FOR PETE'S SAKE!" Mars sprinted over and grabbed me by the shoulders. He stared into my eyes but I found mine darting about the lab with concern. "Ave," Mars started calmly. "Who's gone?" "ARTIE AND _____! FLAKE! ARTIE, _____, AND FLAKE!" I yelled, pushing him away.
  18. Everyone looked around to see I was right and they snapped at each other, blaming and yelling. "Alright! Let's all calm down." Aaron said smoothly. "I am sure they're fine." "AND IF THEY ARE NOT?" I seethed, feeling my eyes blare up and skin heat. Ray moved over to calm me down but I reacted without thinking, shoving him down. Everyone gasped as Ray fell down with surprised wide eyes. Chance helped him up slowly and all eyes stared at me. "I. JUST. WANT. THIS. OVER. WITH!" And with that I stormed outside. I thought I made myself clear but I sensed someone following me. I stared up at the dark gloomy sky as Aaron stood by me doing the same. None of us said anything. What's there to say?
  19. "What makes you this anxious, Avery?" What? I made sure to keep my eyes on the clouds. "Knowing that _____ is gone, out of my sight." Memories of _____ and I flashed in my mind. There she was, staring down at my necklace as I crept up behind her. And that kiss we shared when we first met. I shook my head at the memory. Aaron glanced at me before gluing his eyes back on the clouds. "Artie and Flake are smart, Avery. They got this." "NO!" I interupted, finally facing him. "That's what's bugging me! They don't get along!"
  20. Aaron stared at me. He didn't say anything and he dropped his eyes down at my glowing necklace. He leaned in as if examining it and his golden eyes widen. "What is it?" I sneered. Aaron reached for my necklace and yanked it off me, causing me to cry out as it cut me. "Avery," He started, bringing the necklace up to eye level. "This isn't good."
  21. ** MWAHAHA. THERE! That is all for part 21 of I Know Your Secret! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for part 22!

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