I Know Your Secret (REUNION pt. 1)

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Hi, there! Welcome to my I Know Your Secret reunion! I Know Your Secret is a story quiz I started way back in late 2012, and over the years I updated. Unfortunately, I had stopped updating it because, well.. I lost motivation and yeah. I suck for that.

The last update was four years ago.. Yikes. Yes, I slacked off big time. I don't know if I should continue it or start a new story, so this is what this quiz is sorta about? Enjoy!

Created by: rvelez
  1. As the author of IKYS, I am here as the host! What are we doing here? Well, I am going to sum up the whole story and let our guests, the characters in the story, to have a say in this reunion! Ready?
  2. So what is my story quiz about? Well, I won't spoil anything that hasn't happened yet in case I do have a few old readers lurking about.. Hopefully I do! But basically the story evolves around a girl (you!) and a group of supernaturals that are in charge of keeping their powers together. The antagonist, Noreen, has found a way to dismantle that and you and the other characters are currently trying to fix that! So you see, each supernatural that is around you have a element they are in charge of! Their powers are very strong so they keep most of it locked up and stored away in this stone they own. Unfortunately, that's what Noreen screwed with. She scattered every stone all across the world and it's up to you and your team to find them before Noreen does!
  3. There is more to it but that about sums it up. Not to mention.. *whispers* The romance!
  4. Yes, there is romance. This story was heavily inspired by an older writer that use to write her story quiz on here as well. Her username is xxblutixx and her story quiz Don't Leave Me Hanging is literally the best! I recommend you read it. But warning: it's not finished and I think it's on hold.
  5. Okay, so off to the real stuff. This is a small reunion for the characters in my story! Everyone welcome the five characters that are joining us on this reunion: Artie, Jody, Avery, Falcon, and Flake! Whooo!
  6. Artie: Ah, after four years we are finally out to play. (me: Yes, Artie. You are. Please don't be mad at me.. ;-:)
  7. Okay so let's get this started by talking about the main character, _____, shall we? When you first met her, did you expected something else? What were your first thoughts on her being the stone keeper?
  8. Just answer the god damn question, boys.. >>"
  9. Please tell us why you thought _____ was a joke, Artie. I am intrigued.. :I
  10. Wow, that was harsh.. Hah. Next question.. Do you think Avery was/is a good leader? If not, tell me who you think should've been the leader in the story.
  11. Welp. Looks like I have to change the leader if I continue the story. :P
  12. Next question! Who do you think _____ will end up with in the story? Like... Romantic wise?
  13. So obviously I can't tell you guys who.. but just know that one of you are going to be the lucky guy. :)
  14. Last question: Do you think we can gain new, if not more readers for this story?
  15. Aha, let's hope we do. Alright! That wraps up the small reunion of I Know Your Secret! I hope you all take the chance to read the other parts! But be warned: my 15-16 year old self was terrible at character development and grammar so it's going to be cringey at first. ^^"
  16. Thank you! And let me know in the comments if I should continue the story. :)

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