I Know Your Secret pt.6

Welcome to part six of I Know Your Secret.On this part you'll hear a new guy but won't be introduced to him.I also would love to say thanks to mcqueen.You're the best:)

RECAP:Jody and you went walking in the streets and got attacked by Noreen.She tells you the secret of Jody and she wants to drain him.You kinda helped Jody. When he tied up Noreen he faints and falls with a THUMP!!

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Jody's body laid there motionless.I kneel down and felt tears swelling up.His skin was pale and when I felt his pulse,It was slow."Jody,please wake up."I cried into his shoulder.Noreen smirk.Anger filled me up and I grab the bat.
  2. Noreen eyes widen as I knocked her out.Her head fell forward,blood driping from her head."Wow..."a voice choked out.I turned around and faced the person I'm glad came.Artie step back puting his hands above his head."I came in peace."he uttered.
  3. I let out a weak smile and then pointed toward Jody.Artie put his hands down and nodded."I know"He walked toward Jody."You probably know the secret dont'cha?"I nodded."He's a fallen."Artie nodded and kneel down by him."I'm not all human either."
  4. My mouth dropped."What ARE you?"Artie placed his hand on Jody's arm and a white glow took over.He picked up Jody and threw him over his shoulder."I'll tell you later.Right now we need to go to Avery's place which is ten minutes away-""Wait what was that you just did?"Iasked.Artie's eyes turned pitch black."Questions later,_____!"I backed away.Whoa.
  5. Artie's eyes went back to their normal color.His chain necklace was glowing like the first time I laid eyes on him and I was closer to see the two colors.It was blue with a hint of purple.I gawk at the swirls it gave out.Is it a mood necklace?Why does it glow like that?"It glows when my heart speeds up and it's not a mood necklace."Artie muttered.My mough dropped."You can read minds!?"Artie nodded and walked toward the exit.I followed and as soon as I walked out,the wind hit my face.I realized that It was still dark.
  6. "What tim-""1:00"Artie replied before I could finish."By the way,who's Avery?"Artie sighed and laid Jody in the back seats of I think his car."Lets just say that he's a friend too,ok?"I nodded and hop on without saying anything else.He hop on, turned on the car and we zoomed off.His radio played 'Rolling in the deep'by Adele.I heard him hum the lyrics and tapped his finger on the wheel."You like music?"Artie nodded."Who doesn't?"He chuckled.I joined him but his phone rang.He answered it with a simple 'what'
  7. "Yeah....sure but make it quick.Jody's hurt."he said into the phone."It was Noreen again."I think the person on the other end was talking since Artie was nodding and chuckling."Whatever,I'll see ya."He finally hung up and took a sharp turn to the left."Who was it?"Artie took another sharp turn to the right."Avery."he replied.I nodded wanting to met this Avery guy.
  8. "Am I gonna met-""We're here." Artie interupted.He stopped quickly making me hit the front then the back of my seat.He chuckled."You need driving skills."I teased.Artie smiled."Not if you can fly."he smirk getting off.Fly?
  9. I got out quickly.Artie already had Jody in his arms."Come on."he said jerking his chin up to a mansion."Whoa...you got to be kidding me."I gasped.Artie came by my ear."I don't KID."he whispered making me shiver at his seductive voice.He walked by the door and and kicked it open."Sorry but I'm lazy and I have Mr.Heartless in my arms so it's impossible to open it."he laughed walking in.I followed him,closing the door.
  10. The inside was imposing.Like the glasshouse,this was mainly made of glass.The tables,chairs,counters and even the elevator!A flat screen tv sat in front of a white sofa and the carpet was cream white.By the inside pool was a huge stand with a glass cover just like the one in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST;You know...where the rose was placed.But what was different was that there was nothing in there.
  11. "Don't touch that."Artie warned.He placed Jody on the sofa and walked over where I was."But there's nothing there."I complained.Artie nodded."I know but Avery does't like-""I wanna met this 'Avery guy"I uttered.Artie sighed."He's not here yet but he will be.Just look around but don't touch anything with this red glow ok?"I nodded and realized that the atand hd a firey red glowing around it.
  12. I ran up to the elevator and pressed a random button.I shot up all dizzy and stepped out into a large room with fire in side the walls."Awesome!"I squealed.There was a king size bed with fire designs,the ceiling had a fireball glowing and giving out heat,the carpet was white and one side of the room was an entire lookout window.
  13. I walked in and jumped on the bed."Cool!"I squealed.I laid down and hugged the fire fuzzy pillow.There was like ten fuzzy pillows and they were soft.I soon fell asleep feeling a presence enter the room but I was too tired to wake up.
  14. I woke up in about thirty minutes.'Wow I'm still tired'i thought sitting up.I gaze around the room but something new caught my eyes.
  15. There was a necklace glowing on a dresser.It was just like Arties but this one was red with a hint of purple.It was glowing red making it even more beautiful.On the middle of the chain was a circle.Just a cirlce.
  16. I decided to pick it up.I slowly picked it up and all of a sudden a rush of heat and energy ran over my body.I dropped it quickly and looked down at my hand.It was glowing red just like the necklace."Hello _____"a voice said behind me.
  17. ****ok thats it for this part.comment/rate please and I might have late releases now since its back to school but it'll be like releasing one or two a week.one more thing...WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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