What are you to him?

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So, you've got a guy friend and you want to know what his condition is, is he a buddy, enemy, bff, secret admirer, confused, or boyfriend material? You'll soon see.

Make sure to check out my quiz series Keepin' You. You'll like it, it's got Zombies and four guys who are in love with you, ones your best friend, ones the school jock, another is a secret admirer emo kid, and the other is shy, confused nerd.

Created by: katanasky
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  1. When you talk to him, what does he look at?
  2. If you wink at him what would he do?
  3. What does he call you?
  4. How old are you?
  5. Do you show affection?
  6. If you fell down on top of him, where would his hands go?
  7. In a crowded living room, where does he sit?
  8. If you somehow fell asleep in his arms, say on a long car ride, how would he wake you up?
  9. Has he ever kissed you?
  10. What does his breath smell like when he comes to see you?
  11. Do you like him?

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Quiz topic: What am I to him?