I Know Your Secret pt.7

Welcome to part seven of I Know Your Secret.Today was an awesome day and it saved me a lot of time to make this part.Enough of the blah blah...on to the story:D

RECAP:Artie droved you to a friend of his house after the attack from Noreen.Once you get there you look around and enter a firey color room.You fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes later to find a glowing necklace.You touched it and it made you feel different.Then someone said"Hello _____"

Created by: rvelez
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  1. I turned around and gasped.A guy stood there with his arms crossed.He had hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair.He was about five inches taller than me and he was very muscluliar.His tan made me wanna run my hands down his arms and to squeeze the life outta him but I decided not to.
  2. "Uh..."I uttered nervously.He stared back at me until he finally muttered."Hello.What are you doing in here,_____?"
  3. "How do...you know my name?"I asked backing away.He tilted his head to the left."I know you."he replied.I gulped."Whats your name?"He took a step forward."Avery.The person you wanted to meet so badly."he teased backing away and sitting on his bed."Are you alright?"I nodded."Why did the necklace do that?"Avery leaned back on this hands."We'll discuss it in a minute with Artie."
  4. "Right now I wanna stay here with you if you don't mind,sugar."His voice was also seductive and boy that stopped me.My eyes were glued on his hazel eyes but they landed on his lips.They were rose pink and perfect for kissin-wait what am I thinking?I glaced down at my feet,not knowing what to do...or what to think.
  5. I felt fingers under my chin,lifting my head up to meet his hazel eyes again."You ok,sugar?" My eyes dropped back to his lips.I couldn't help it but to lean in.Our lips touched and sparks set up between them.I just met him but hat doesn't mean anything right?
  6. i backed away but his lips landed on mine again and I could't help but to stand there and kiss him again."Avery,where's _____?"Artie's asked trying to open the door but it was locked so he could't see us making-out.Avery backed away and gazed into my eyes.I thought I would never kiss a guy in my life and that was stupid of me to think that.Avery headed toward the door and openned it to find Artie standing there looking anger."WHERE'S _____!?"He yelled glancing over his shoulder."She fell asleep on my bed,dude chill"Avery scolded but Artie didn't buy that.He pushed Avery out of the way and walked in seeing me by the dresser."I fell asleep in here.Sorry if you were looking for me."I laughed at his face.He was all red."Well are we gonna discuss this or hang around and chat about some lame lie?"Artie yelled turning toward Avery who was bitting his lower lip in a sexy way."Lets."
  7. We headed down the elevator into the living room."Have a seat on my lap if you want,_____."Avery said sitting down on the sofa.Artie gave him a glare but he washed it away and gripped his necklace.I took a seat on the oposite side af Avery."No thanks.I'm good here.""but you'll be BETTER on my lap."he winked.
  8. Artie cleared his throat."Firt of all,Avery is the leader of our team but I personally think I should be the leader."Avery shot up."I AM a good leader for your information!"Artie chuckled."I never said you weren't."Artie snapped back.They both stared at each other for a second then out of no where they burst out laughing.
  9. "Ok lets get serious now."Avery laughed."____,first lets talk about Noreen.She's a crazy chick cause her boyfriend left her one year ago to join our team.She didn't wanted him to leave her so he asked her to join him but she disagreed.she wanted him all to herself.So one day he left her stranded on a meadow to show her that he left her.She's angered for taking him away so he wants to destroy our team and drain all of our powers so she can have revenge."
  10. "So if ya'll let the guy go back to her she will stop with this c***?"I asked.Avery nodded.She's been going ever since.She'll never give up."
  11. Artie sat on the carpet."On to the powers that are held within us." I sat up straight wanting to know everyone's powers.Artie cleared his throat."I'm half vampire and fallen angle.I have the power over the element water thats why my bedroom is like that at the other glass house."I smiled and nodded for him to continue.
  12. Avery stood up."I'm a dragon with the power over the element fire as you can see."He form a fireball a played with it like a little kitten.I laughed along with Artie."Dude, put that away or I will."Artie chuckled forming a waterball too."Both of you put that away."a female voice chuckled behind Artie.I looked up and saw a girl with short emo style hair.Her jet black hair matched her green eyes but as she stepped closer,her eyes were mixed with grey too.She brushed her hand on Artie's shoulder and squeezed it making him looked calm.It made ME wanna slap that hand off of him but I remained calm as usual.
  13. I finally muttered."Who are you?"I must've sounded jealous but I didn't care.Artie looked at me.His eyes automatically showed 'Is something wrong' or 'whats wrong with you'.I teared the gaze and looked at the girl."I'm Charmy.Short for Charmell."she said nicely.
  14. I nodded."I'm _____"She nodded back."I knew that.Your'e the-""Enough said,Charmy.We haven't told her yet and by the way...why are you so early from training?"Artie asked."they changed the times and scedules."she repied sitting on Avery's lap.Avery chuckled."Or maybe you skipped."Charmy glanced at him and cupped his face hard so that he looked like a fish."I.Did.Not.And I would'nt do that.I love training."she let go and faced Artie."We have to start going at four through six o clock now."
  15. Artie nodded."Not bad a time.Anyways,Charmy,would you please tell ____ your powers and what you are?Charmy nodded."I'm a werewolf with the power over ice.She shined her teeth making Avery chuckle again."Where the rest of the team?"Artie asked."They went out for ice-cream."she anwsered shifting her postion on Avery's lap so her head would rest on the sofa's arms and her legs were on the sofa by my right thigh.
  16. Artie sighed."Then I quess we'll finish this tomorrow."Avery motioned Charmy to get off and she did."Them I'm going to bed.It's like two if I'm not mistaken?"He ran toward the elevator."I'll see ya'll tomorrow."
  17. Artie turned around so he could see me."I can take you home cause I heard about your overprotctive brother."he chuckled grabing his keys.I shook my head."I want you to fly me there since you need driving skills.Plus,I wanna see your wings."Artie smirk and tossed his keys back on the sofa."What are you waiting for?"
  18. ***wow...this part had long paragraphs:)who do you like?

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