I Know Your Secret pt.8 (The Coming)

Welcome to part eight of I Know Your Secret.This part is long and I'm really tired but I put on everything I got:P.Anyway,you'll met the rest of the team so enjoy:)

RECAP:Artie and Avery talked a little about the team,powers and Noreen.You also met Charmy,who is also in the team.You realize you got to go home and you don't want to ride on Artie's car.Instead you want him to fly you home and he agrees.

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  1. Artie and I went outside and it felt good.I glanced back at Artie.His black wings had a blue tint in it and his eyes were blue,not grey anymore.His skin got pale but not too pale.I stood in awe.He looked different.My eyes ran up and down him loving the sight."You ready,______?"I nodded and squealed.He picked me up bridal style and smiled down at me."Hold on tight."
  2. He took off into the dark sky,his wings flapping behind him.I can't believe this is actually happening.I clinged to Artie as he flew past houses and trees.I glanced at him.I could't help but to see his face.He looked down at me as well and grin."Hold on."he chuckled diving down close to a pond.He flew just above the surface,our reflection reflected.I ran my fingers on the surface and smiled as he rose up a little.It was nice out here.I slowly put both arms around his neck and rested my head on his beating heart.
  3. My house soon came to veiw."Down there."I pointed.He lowered down and landed perfectly.I hop off his arms and walked toward my porch.The door open imeditately and saw a Dale."Dale!You're home!"I smiled not wanting to see dad.Dale smiled and glanced at Artie who was standing on the driveway."Who are you?"Dale asked.Artie cleared his throat."I'm Artie,_____'s friend." Dale glanced at me."Oh.Thank you for bringing _____ home.Do you want to stay for a while?" Artie shook his head."I'm good.Thanks.I'll see you tomorrow ,_____."I waved goodbye and he disapeared in the darkness."____,you never told me you have a boyfriend."Dale chuckled as we walked in,him closing the door.I felt my cheeks paint red."He's a friend,Dale.Where's dad?"I asked switching the subject."He stayed at a striper's house."Dale replied heading upstairs.I rolled my eyes."How lovely."
  4. Dale laughed."Ok go to sleep.You're lucky tomorrow is Saturday."He paused."Or should I say today." I laughed and ran to my room.All I got is a bed,dresser,balcony,closet and a bookshelf.I took off the sweats and tank top and put on spongebob pj's with another tanktop.I was really tired so I turned off the lights and jump into bed,falling asleep.
  5. -Noreen's POV- I watched Artie take _____ home.Thank god Rodrick came in and untied me off that stupid flower.Jody will pay again.I looked inside _____'s house.It was dark but I did see her brother.I got a marvalous idea.Rodrick sqat by me."Is she in there?" I nodded."I got a plan."
  6. Rodrick smirk."If it's what I'M thinking,you a one h** of a girl."I smiled."Thank you.Lets start later on cause I got a feeling someone having nightmares already."Rodrick smiled evilly and we headed back to the lab.
  7. -_____'s POV- It was eleven in the morning when I woke up.I heard a couple of fimilar voices downstairs so I headed downsytairs.The smell of pancakes greeted me.Dale was by the stove making some and taking to someone at the same time."Good morning."I finally yawned.Dale turned around."Good morninh,peach.Have some pancakes with us."I made a confused face."Us?"He nodded and pointed to Cole and Lillian who were sitting on the couch eating.
  8. "COLE!! LILLIAN!!"I squealed and ran into the livingroom hugging the life outta them."_____,where have you been last night?"Cole asked.Lillian smiled."I heard she got pushed in the pool and got saved by a guy named Jody AND that she went out with him alone in the streets"Cole looked at me."Oh,really?"He teased getting jealous in a playful way."Oh,knock it off,Cole will ya?"Dale laughed handing me a plate of pancakes."She came back home with a guy last night but I couln't see him well cause he was far away."Cole glanced at Dale then back at me."Whats his name?Was he this 'Jody guy?"
  9. I felt my cheeks go red."His name was Artie." Lillian made a face."You mean that weird guy with jet black hair and grey eyes?" I nodded."Is there something wrong?" Lillian furrowed her eyebrows."Yes! HE IS WEIRD.Stay away from him." Dale looked at me then back at Lillian."Leave my sis alone.Give her a break,lilly.She might dig weird people.I know I do." Lillain rolled her eyes."Don't call me Lilly or Kendra."Cole coughed,"Kendra!" Lillian growled at him and he took off with Lillian behind.
  10. I laughed and finished off my pancakes.Just then as I was gonna wash my plate,the bell rang."I'll wash it for you."Dale smiled taking my plate.I smiled back and ran to the door.I openned it and saw Avery and Artie.Avery was smiling and Artie just wasn't like normal."Hey,_____.You want to go to the park and met the rest of the team?"Avery asked.I nodded but looked down at what I was wearing."Can I change first?" Avery nodded and I let then in.Dale came out the kitchen wiping his wet hands on his jeans."Who are these guys?" "Friends.I'm going to the park."I replied running upstairs into my room.I took off my pj's and put on jeans and a top that goes well with my yellow converse.I ran to the bathroom at put on make-up and put up my hair in a messy ponytail.When I felt like I felt ok,I ran downstairs to see Cole staring at Avery and Artie.Lillian was checking them out and Dale was on the phone."Soo..let's go."I muttered awkwardly."Gladly."Artie uttered,going out the door first."_____!Can we come to?"Cole asked.
  11. I look at Avery.His eyes showed 'ARE ARE KIDDING ME?! ' but I couldn't help it."Sure.Why not?" Avery growled."Theres a lot of why nots." I glanced at him but he had his eyes on Artie who was outside having a fit.It was pretty funny.Artie grip his hair and kicked the driveway,yelling 'ARE YOU SERIOUS?! '.
  12. Cole and Lillian smiled and we all headed toward the park.Artie was waaaayyy behind us,kicking a rock and Avery was waaay up front talking on the phone."They are weird,"Cole started.Lillian smirk."Thats the Artie I'm talking about.He is weird as f-"Artie catch us up,glaring at Lillian."Don't judge me.Judging someone doesn't define who they are,it defines who YOU are."He glanced at me then back at Lillian until he decided to catch up with Avery.Lillian was speechless.Cole put a hand on her shoulder."Don't worry about them." I glanced at Avery and Artie who was still way ahead.I guess they sensed me staring at them cause they both glanced back looking at me.Avery turned back around and continue to talk on the phone and Artie turned back,disbelief in his eyes.
  13. We finally got there.It was pretty full.Avery waved us over by a tree."Over here!"he called.The three of us walked toward them.There was a group already there chatting.I instantly recongized Remy who was talking to Charmy.SHE'S one of THEM? AVERY cleared his throat."Everyone,may I have your attention,please?" All of them quickly got quiet."This right here is _____ and her friends that I don't know.Please tell her your name."
  14. "You already know me."Charmy cherp.A guy hit her thigh and she hit him back.His hair was a brown and orange color and his eyes were caramel brown.He was kinda muscluliar and his has a ok tan.He noticed me staring and finally stood up."Hi.I'm Marco but people call me Mars."
  15. I nodded and enjoyed the last of his caramel eyes before he put on sunglasses and lies down by the tree.A different guy looks at you.He has blonde hair with emerald green eyes.He had a lean body with no tan.
  16. "Um,_____,this is Ray."Avery said pointing to the guy.Ray look down and waved."Lighten up,Ray."Artie uttered climing the tree."Oh hush,Artie."Remy laughed."I see you caught up with the secret,_____." I nodded.Jody slaped her thigh just like Mars."Not in front of THEM"he whispered meaning Cole and Lillian.Remy zipped her lips and threw away the imaginary key.
  17. I smiled.Jody looked up and put on a weak smile."Is that it?"I asked. "'No."a almost deep voice muttered behind the tree.He emerge from his hiding spot.
  18. His eyes were a icy blue and his jet black hair was slicked back with gel perhaps.His musculiar body leaned on the tree and stared back at me.He had a nice tan and the thing that caught my eyes by suprise was his lips.They were a perfect shade of pink.
  19. "I'm Falcon."He uttered crossing his arms.My eyes didn't left his icy blue eyes.Avery cleared his throat."_____,this is Noreen's ex,the one who left her."
  20. Falcon's eyes glanced at Avery."Now that isn't a good way to describe me."Everyone laughed except for Artie who was listening to his Ipod up on the tree's branch."We're leaving,_____.I'll see you later."Cole muttered.He grabed Lillian's hand and they ran off."Now since they are gone,we can tell you our powers."Mars cherped."I'm a werewolf with the power of energy.One reason why I'm hyper all the time."
  21. I glanced at Ray who was still staring at me.Falcon stood over him."He doesn't talk and he never did for three years." My eyes fell on Ray eho was hiding behind Falcon."but he's a ghost with the spirit power.
  22. Falcon glanced down at Ray."Ya'll better leave him alone for who he is or I'll knock ya'll.Anyways,I'm a vampire with the powers over the element wind."
  23. Remy stood up."I'm a dragon with telekisis.I'm not that important in the group." Avery smiled."Remy,you are important like everyone else." She smiled,"Thanks Avery."and sat down.
  24. Jody stood up."I'm a fallen angle with the power over the element earth and can we talk,_____?" I nodded and we walked away from the team."_____,I just wanted to say sorry for last night.The whole Kristy and Noreen thing,I'm sooo sorry.I never say sorry to anyone but it's different with you.Noreen just is an idiot and Kristy is too."He pulled out a white rose."Here's a sign that I-" I took the rose.It's petals were soft and it's flowery smell can be smelled five inches away.I looked back up at Jody waiting for him to finish."I'll see you later."He muttered and left...
  25. ***Gah this is long.Anyways who do you like and Mars is not a result but he will be.
  26. ***Gah this is long.Anyways who do you like and Mars is not a result but he will be.

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