Your amazing love story part 2

This one is the! It rocks! You end up being kissed by a lot of people! Is it Dean, Nathan, Kenneth, or Gavin? I know Kenneth isn't in the one that much but in the next one kenneth...

Will share his deep dark secret! And what about that special someone that Nathan has coming? Who will it be? Find out in part 3!!! Plz comment and/or rate!

Created by: brennzadoodles24

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  1. Where was I... Oh yeah! You and Dean were under a tree in the football field to tell you something!
  2. "okay so what's up?" you ask him when you sit down. "I know I've only known you for a couple hours, but I think I'm falling for you." Dean says. "oh." you say. You look up and he's staring into your eyes. His eyes. They are the ones that make you want to melt. Then he says "_____ , your beautiful, kind, and just to amazing for words to describe." You two look at each other. He has that look on his face that tells you that you need to say something! Anything! You look and him and say "Dea---" he cuts you off by kissing you. You...
  3. (Let's just say that you said sorry i'm not ready for this quite yet.) You pull away... "What's wrong?" He asks. "Nothing. It's just I don't know if i'm quite ready for this yet..." You reply. After that things get awkward so you tell him you have to go to biology. "So do I." he says. "I ment alone." You reply. You run to your locker, without looking back. Did you really just crush Dean's heart?! You didn't really want to think about him right now though. When you get to your locker...
  4. ...see Nathan. "Hi." you say. "Hi! So I was kinda wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the football game tonight with me?" He asks smiling. Since you have nothing going on you say yes. "okay! See ya then babe!" He yells while walking down the hall towards computer.
  5. You walk into biology talking to Kenneth. Since it's free seating you sit next to him. "_____? I was wondering if you maybe wanted to meet me by math class today after school? I want to show you something cool." he asks as you sit down. "I would but Im already meeting Gavin. Sorry." you reply. "that's okay." he says. He looked sad but you already promised Gavin. "hello class, I will be doing assigned seating now... Kenneth and Veronica, Dean and _____." etc. Uh oh, Dean. What would he say? Would he be mad? "hey" he says as you sit down. "are you mad?" you ask. "no, all you said was that you werent ready for a relationship! I totally understand!" he says. "okay good! I thought you wouldn't talk to me." you reply.
  6. "Are you kidding?" Dean says. "did you mean those things you said about me?" you ask. "of course!" he replies. *LATER- end of school day!* "Guess who?!" says someone from behind you. They cover up your eyes and you know who it is. "hmmm... Gavin?" "how'd you know!" he says. He uncovers your eyes. He has the biggest smile on his face. "so what was wrong earlier?" he asks. "nothing, well something but me and Dean figured it out!" you reply. "wait this was about you and Dean?" he asks. "ya..." you say. "don't get involved with him. He has a bad temper and you will just end up getting hurt." he says. Then outta nowhere he kisses you!
  7. You pull away. "but your going out with Amber!" you yell. "I know but the only reason I did was to make you jealous! When I saw you staring at me in the bus I thought you might have liked me! I guess not though." he says as he storms off. "GAVIN!" you yell. He just keeps running and running.
  8. You tried texting him, and even calling him! You called him three times! On the fourth one he finally answered.
  9. All he said was "bye." then hung up. He's obviously pissed! What do you do?
  10. Cliffhanger! The next one will be the best one yet! It's the football game!

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Quiz topic: My amazing love story part 2