A love story part 5

There are many love stories but I hope you like mine best,what is a love story?a love story is a story about two or more people that fall in love with one another.

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Created by: Paisley_marie

  1. Later that day you're in the parking lot headed to your car so you can go home.you're in a rush because you're eager to pick out your outfit for tomorrow.when you make it to your car you find Travis standing in front of it with a wide smirk on his face."hey sexy" said Travis.you say "hi" with a small smile."where you going" said Travis."um home". "oh really" he said grabbing your arm at the Same time."let me go" said cloey trying to yank away from his tight grip.travis laughs and says "you better guard yourself you know I like it rough".he winks at you and walks away and you give him a disgusted and frightening look.what are you thinking?
  2. When you finally make it home Travis calls you and you answer with an attitude."what Travis,make it quick"."whoa clo,calm down". "I'm mad at you Travis,don't talk to me"."don't be mad,it was just a joke out there in the parking lot" said Travis.you say...
  3. "so you have a date with zach tomorrow,you excited?" said Travis who actually surprisingly sounded kind and friendly.yeah,I gotta decide what outfit I wanna wear said cloey.oh,mind if I come over your house said Travis.now? Said cloey."yeah" said Travis."sure,why not" said cloey.what are you thinking?
  4. Minutes later Travis arrives at your house and makes his way into your room and sits on the bed with you."you're so sexy" said Travis."lay off" said cloey with a small smile.you two engage in a conversation for about 10 minutes and then he asks for a kiss on the cheek.when you lean in to kiss his cheek he turns his head to make your lips touch his.but that wasn't the end of it,a simple kiss turned into him pulling you onto his lap and he began to tongue kiss you.after a one minute tongue kiss your phone rings.it's zach calling.you hop off of travis's lap realizing what you and him were just doing.you answer your phone and says "hello" and zach says "hey cloey,what's wrong you sound a little weird". You say "oh no everything is fine but let me call you right back,ok?"."ok" said zach.you hang up the phone and Travis starts staring at you.what are you thinking?
  5. "I say we finish doing what we were doing"said Travis."no,this is wrong said cloey.look,I like zach but I like you too said cloey."well you gotta decide who you wanna date clo" said travis."I know,i know" said cloey.Travis frowns and says "well I already know that youre choosing him".cloey says "I don't know who I'm choosing,at least not yet"."how did this happen clo".you sigh and say "I don't know trav,but somehow I got attracted to both of you"."and now you're in this love triangle" said Travis.you sigh again and sarcastically say "lucky me".hours after Travis went home,you finally fall asleep,what do you dream about?
  6. It's Friday night and you and zach date is finally over.yall had went to see the new twilight.right now yall are sitting in his parked car right in from of your house."hey zach,I gotta tell you something"."what is it"."I really,really like you...but,I like trav too."."what" said zach who said it in a tone you never heard before from him,he was angry,real angry."what do you even see in that jerk!?" he said,forcing you to look at him at the same time."you don't even know him"."oh and you do" said zach sarcastically.a tear escapes from your eyes and you quickly wipes it away and exits his car the fastest way possible.you were just as mad as he was so you slam his door so hard that the window shatters.his mouth drops and be gets out of his car and angrily runs into you taking you down to the ground,literally.he pins both of your arms down and says "why did you do that cloey,I would never do something like that to you,but I guess you don't care" he said letting your arms go.he gets up off of you and walks to his car and before he drove off he said "I'm so disappointed in you".all night you lay down thinking about what happened,are you going to make it up to him?
  7. Its Saturday and you wake up feeling the pain from yesterday.when zach had took you down to ground by slamming you,he didn't realize how hard he did it.your back is in major pain and so is your hip.you start to cry.why are you crying?
  8. You call Travis and tells him what happened last night.he immediately rushed to your house with a overnight bag in his hand.he hugs you when he makes it upstairs to your room."aw Travis,I never meant for this to happen" you said still sad."it's ok its not your fault clo,look I'll stay here until you get better ok?" ."ok" said cloey with a very small smile.Travis spent his whole Saturday comforting cloey and didn't leave her house until midnight.cloey gave him a well earned kiss on the lips before he left.it was a quick peck though cause she's a bit tired.Sunday morning cloey woke up feeling better than ever and and it's all because of Travis.minutes later you heard your doorbell ring so you opened up the door and instantly rolled your eyes at zach standing at your door.what are you thinking
  9. "aw cloey I'm so sorry"."save your sorry,I don't want it"."look cloey,you made my window shatter!" he said,raising his voice."oh and I suppose what you did was ok" you said sarcastically."whatever cloey"."you know what,go home" you said in a soft low,but serious tone."no,I'm not leaving until I settle things with you" you say..,
  10. "cloey,I'm sorry"."I don't give a damn,zach!" you said raising your voice."cloey you don't mean that".you say,..
  11. Part 6 coming soon

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