The Forbidden part 10

I'M SO SO SORRY!!! My aunt had this wedding this week and it was really busy I had hardly had time to sit down. SO SO SORRY!!! I hope you guys don't stop taking these quizzes.

Recap: Dre just told you he's not coming to Paris with the rest of you. What will happen this time? Will he end up coming? Will one of the guys betray you? Will you meet new friends? What's to come???

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. "Stop the car." you say immediately, taking in what he just said. He turns his attention to the road. "You don't need to see the road. You and I both know that. Stop. The. Car. Now." you say louder. He ignores you. "Stop the car Dre. And that's and order. I'm a princess and I demand to be obeyed!" you shout. He sighs and slams down on the brakes.
  2. "What do you're not going?" you ask him. "It doesn't matter. You have Daniel, Erik, Jesse and my new replacement. You don't need me." he mumbles, playing with his fingers and refusing to look at you. You can feel tears start to form. "D-Dre.. I'm not going without you." you tell him, trying to keep from breaking down. He says nothing. "What if..What if I didn't like the other guys? What if it was you. I'm not going go halfway across the world without you." you tell him. He finally looks up at you, his eyes filled with anger and sadness.
  3. He starts driving again. " I have a history in Paris." he mutters. "H-History?" you hiccup. "My old wolf pack. When I left, they weren't happy. They won't be so eager to see me if I go back. I'll be putting you in danger." he explains as he pulls into the driveway. You're both silent. You guess that's why he spent his last day with you. Because it was his last. He gets out and opens your door. You get up too quickly and your chest to chest with him. "I'm sorry." he whispers as you storm into the house, passing Erik straight.
  4. *flash forward* You're checked in and it's time to go inside. "Let's uh.. give them some time to say goodbye." Erik suggests, pulling a very reluctant Jesse and Daniel away. You drop your bags and hug him tightly. "I'm really gonna miss you." you choke. "Stay out of trouble." he whispers. You wipe your tears with your sleeve and shake your head. He half smiles. You expect some sort of goodbye kiss, but you know it'll just make it harder to say goodbye. He releases you with misty eyes and turns to go. It all seems like slow motion.
  5. *flash forward!* "Uh, guys. I'm just..gonna go for a walk.." you mumble to them. "I'll go with you." Jesse says. It's been 3 months since you last heard from Dre You're all living in a hotel and so far there have been no encounters with Ethan. You and Jesse are walking in silence when you say, "Nothing, could make this day worse." He laughs, which is strange. "Nothing?" he asks as he reaches into his back pocket. "What are you.." your voice trails off as you hear a click. The click of a gun.
  6. He raises the object and points it at you. Oddly enough, the streets are empty. "I feel sorry for a helpless soul like you, so here's the deal. Either I shoot you in the head and make this quick. Or I shoot you in the gut and die a slow painful death. Lady's choice." he smirks. You try to tackle him, but he's too fast. He whips around and the next thing you know, he has you with one arm around your neck and the other with the gun at your head.
  7. "I thought by now you'd realize the connection between me and Ethan" Jesse laughs. Suddenly, you hear a series of growling. Out of no where, about 7 gigantic wolves jump out and attack Jesse. You hear him screaming and pleading. A Golden wolf barks and they stop at once. Jesse is bleeding and screaming, but he's okay. A red wolf barks and they all scurry off behind a shop. Slowly, they come back out, except not as wolves. As guys! Hot, shirtless, flawless guys, all staring at you. The 7th guy comes out, and you gasp.
  8. He runs to Jesse and bends down beside him. "If I ever see you near her again I swear we'll be back. And I'll be here to rip each and every body part one by one out of you and enjoy them myself so watch your back you *BEEPING* *BEEP*!" he hisses in the most threatening voice you've ever heard. You're trembling and you're scared out of your mind.
  9. He slowly gets up and turns to you, both you hearts beating really fast. "We should..get out of here." he says. You nod and you both turn and start running. You hear a noise and seconds later, Dre is holding a bullet in his hand. "I warned you." he growls and Jesse starts screaming as Dre rams Jesse into a building.
  10. All you can hear is Jesse screaming, his body ripping apart and Dre growling. "Don't..Don't look at that." one of the guys say turning you away. You try to block it out but it's way too loud. You cringe as you hear a piercing scream of true terror. A few minutes later, he slowly emerges from behind the building, wiping a drop of blood from his lips, which your pretty sure isn't his. "You okay?" he asks, really close to you. You nod.
  11. He stares into your eyes. He looks like he's about to say something, but he shakes his head and looks away. "This is your pack?" you ask him, breathing hard. He nods, still staring off into the distance. "It's Jared, Dustin, Greg, Ben, Jamal and Ian is somewhere around here." he introduces them, looking around. Ian finally shows up. "Hey, what's your name?" he asks you, flirty. "Uh.. you can't get with a princess." you say. "Who's unavailable." Dre adds, glaring at Ian fiercely. "We should uh.. get back to the hotel." you breathe. "Uh..yeah." he replies as you turn around.
  12. As you turn around, he grabs your hand and pulls you in for a hug. He crushes your body against his, and you feel the familiar warmth you'd come to know. "I missed you." he whispers. He pulls you away and your lips are so close to his. He's about to kiss you, when he stops. He turns to his left to see all 7 members staring. "You don't stop D! What the heck?" Jamal rolls his eyes. "Let's go." he says.
  13. You walk into the hotel, all 7 guys following closely behind. Jared sniffs. "Somethings wrong here.." he says. "What do you mean?" you ask him. "I can smell another...________ GET DOWN!"
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!! Part 11 soon!

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