I Know Your Secret pt.5

Welcome to part five of I Know Your Secret.I really will love for ya'll to comment.I need some support so I can continue.I can't continue If I don't have your feedback:o

RECAP:After you met Artie,you went to the backyard where you saw Jody.You joined him and apologize to him about the whole Remy thing but then got pushed into the pool.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. I screamed as I fell in.How could someone do this to me?I swam to the surface knowing that everyone was laughing as well as the person who pushed me.I growled and glared at her.Kristy Robins.
  2. Jody's face was filled with anger."Why would you do that?!"He yelled,standing up.Kristy smirk."Just to teach her a lesson." "She didn't do anything to you...YOU B***ARD!!!"Kristy gasped and everyone ooed at her.Jody reach for my hand and pulled me out.His hand was warm but now wet."Come on."He lead me to a storage room and took out a towel.
  3. "Thank you."I muttered as he handed me the towel.Jody smiled and nodded."You want to take a walk.You'll dry up quicker."I nodded.My shoes and dress were heavy-like.We quickly left the party,not wanting to deal with anymore drama.
  4. The streets were awfully quiet and dark except the streetlights that gave it light so you could walk on the sidewalk.I stayed close to Jody not wanting anything bad happen.He noticed and whispered,"Don't worry."
  5. I smiled and sighed."Listen,_____.It's my fault Kristy did that to you and I'm really sorry."I gave him a confused look."Your fault?How?"Jody sighed."Kristy and I use to....""Oh."
  6. "Sooo yeah.I feel terrible.I keep on telling her that I don't love her anymore but she won't listen.It's like everything I said comes in one ear of hers and out the other.I want to be with someone who I can trust.She's always out late and I finally found out why too.She was with Mark."I mad a grimace face at that name.Mark Leather.He's a jock in our school and he dated chicks off and on especially Kristy.
  7. Jody bit his lower lip for a minute."Sometimes I feel like-no offense,_____ but sometimes some girls just like to play like it's some video game and I know the girls are the ones to say that but I don't play like most other guys.I like keeping it real.REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES."I smiled at the quote."Same here.I hate it when guys play with my heart.I know how you feel.Some girls are like that and some guys are too.Wish they could take everthing seriously."
  8. "Exactly."Jody sighed."I'll never love again just because it hurts."I look up at him.His blue eyes were filled with no love.I look back down and dried my hair with the towel.How could he live and not love?"Um,Jody?Do you have a family?"Jody clench his teeth.
  9. "No."he uttered.I felt bad for asking that. All of a sudden he fell down.I screamed but then something hit me on the head causing me to black out too.
  10. ***I woke up in a room.My head hurted so badly and I realized that I wasn't wearing my dress.I was wearing black sweats with a white tanktop.Who changed me?I noticed Jody on another bed.He was tied up and still outcold."Where am I?"I got up and walked towards Jody.He had some kind of tube attached to his arm taking some blood from him.
  11. "I see you're awake."a girl smirk.She was holding a bat.She had long dark brown hair that end at the middle of her back. Her eyes were a chocolate brown and she was smiling evily.
  12. "Who are YOU?"I growled.She chuckled and took a step."I'm Noreen you jerk.I don't want to hurt you but if you get in the way I will !!!I don't want you here.I only wanted Jody but since you ARE a witness...I can't let cha go."
  13. "Why do you need him?!"I yelled.She glared at me."Was Artie at the party too?"she had a sick smile splastered on her face."Uh,no.why?"I lied.She swang the bat."STOP LYING!!!!! I WILL BREAK YOUR EVERY BONE IF YOU DON'T HELP ME FIND EVERY ONE!"
  14. "What are you talking about by 'every one?"I asked a little frighten use might hurt me with the bat.Noreen smirk."Jody...isn't all human."
  15. "What?!"I screamed.She walked close to Jody and stroke his arm."He's much than that.Once I have all his power DNA,he's useless."She laughed like a evil scientist."What IS he!?"I yelled.She gawked at Jody."He's a fallen angle with the power of earth."
  16. Jody's eyes fluttered open.His blue eyes were pale and he looked really weak.He noticed Noreen standing over him."Noreen..."he whispered.He was diffinitely weak by the way he talked.
  17. "Jody!!!"I cried.He slowly looked over at me."_____?"He looked over at Noreen."Let her go!"he choked.Noreen smirk."She's fine.I told her your secret." Jody's eyes widen.His pale blue eyes gain back it's ocean blue color and he suddenly didn't look weak."NOREEN!!!!!"He shot up and broke the tube along with the rope.Noreen swung the bat but Jody dodged it and tackled her down.She screamed and struggled to get out.I snatched the bat away and helped Jody out but he just pushed me away.I watched a flower in a pot grow and grow.Jody motion it to come over where he's at and it did.I'ts roots were big as a tree's.
  18. The flower's roots wrap around Noreen,tieing her up.Jody got up.His legs were shaking and his eyes turned back to pale.
  19. "Are you okay,Jody?"I drop the bat and looked at him.He glanced back at how much blood he lost and fell to the ground with a THUMP!
  20. ****Ok thats it for this part.Please please please comment and anwser the question of the day.One more thing.....who do you like?

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