I Know Your Secret pt.4

Welcome to part 4 of my first story quiz I Know Your Secret.If you read my other series Crystal Clearall over again I'm sorry but I'm not continuing it.Writing two stories gives mr a headache.Sorry but I'll continue it after I finish this series which will take FOREVER!!

RECAP:You,Cole,and Lillian go to this party.You see the guy in your class and you saw your childhood bff.She introduces you to a guy and so on.Later on you saw cole outside a balcony and you ask him"do you like Lillian?"

Created by: rvelez
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  1. Cole looked away."I-I don't like her but I heard she like ME."I sighed."Do you think she's..."I trailed off and thought about it.Cole glanced back at me and muttered,"that she's going to ruin our friendship?"I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder."It's possible but I won't let that happen."
  2. I walk toward a telescope that was off to the right."I always wanted a telescope."Cole smiled."Now I know what to get you for your birthday."I laughed."Now it's not a suprise is it?""It doesn't HAVE to be"he smirk."Cole you are a cocky little boy"Cole chuckled."Thanks but I'm a man."
  3. I laughed."Sure.Real men cry and YOU don't even shed a tear."Cole pretended to be offended."I do cry for your INFO."I raised an eyebrow."Laughing really hard doesn't count."Cole laughed."Totally not fair but I cried when I cut onions."I rolled my eyes."Sure"
  4. "Well lets join the party.I'm not going to let a fun night go to waste."Cole smiled.I nodded and we headed out.I wonder where that guy go?I suddenly felt thirty.I speed walked toward the punch table and grab a cup.As I was serving myself,Remy came by."There you are.I was wondering where you and Jody went.Where IS Jody?"I took a long gulp the punch and refilled it."Wow.You sure are thirsty,_____.Are you okay?"I nodded."Yeah I'm fine and I don't know where Jody ran off to."
  5. "Well,I guess I'll see ya later.Here's my number so we can catch up again."Remy smiled and hugged me before walking away.I threw away my cup and headed toward the game room.I felt jumpy and all hyper but I don't know why?I felt someone grab my arm.Who ever is it,they got a tight grip.I was pulled into another dark room.
  6. I heard a 'CLICK' and saw a figure standing in front of the door.The music was too loud to hear my cries so I kept quiet but couldn't help it."Who are you?!"I yelled.The person took a step toward me and flicked on the lights.
  7. My eyes widen.It was the guy who is in my writing class.His grey eyes were on me."Hello,____.Sorry I did that but it was for your own good."I raised an eyebrow."My own good?Who are you?!"He took a few steps toward me."Couldn't help to know my name,huh?"I sighed and sat on the bed."What do you want for me?"He took out his jacket and I felt unsafe.
  8. I shot up."Stay away!"He looked at me confused."What?""GET AWAY FROM ME!!!"He ran up to me and covered my mouth."Relax.I'm not going to do what you are thinking I'm going to do."He let go and backed away."You just look cold."
  9. I realized that I was shivering and was covered in goosebumps."Here."He swing his jacket over my shoulders and backed away again."Uh,thanks."I muttered.He nodded."By the way,the name's Artie."
  10. "Thanks,Artie."I smiled and I sat down on the bed.He nodded and sat down too but not that close."So what do you want?"I asked again."Artie sighed."Nevermind.I don't want to getcha all..."he trailed off and sighed again.I study the room.There was a fishtank by the balcony,a flat screen tv,a walk in closet and the bed I'm sitting on was kingsize.The thing that caught my eyes was the ceiling.It was clear and filled up with water.The water flow peacefully and calm,a great way to fall asleep."Like it?This is my room."Artie chuckled.He got up and turn off the lights.The water made the room reflect its flow so if you saw a bubble you can also see it on the floor.
  11. "You live here?"I asked.He nodded like it wasn't no big deal.To me it was a big deal.I live in a small house and he lives in a glass house with amazing ceilings.He turned on the lights and sat back down."Can I stay here sometime?"I joked.He shrugged."We got plenty of guest rooms so yeah."
  12. I squealed and hugged him ever so tightly.Artie gasp for air."_____,personal space is my number one need."I let go."Uh,sorry."Artie nodded and stood up."You can leave now if you want."I glanced at the door then back at him."Can I stay here?""No!Uh,I mean..."I raised my eyebrow and headed toward the door."I get it.You need some private time,huh?"Artie nodded quickly."Indeed,I do"I smiled and gave his jacket back.I wasn't cold anymore."I'll see you tomorrow,Artie."I open the door,step out and closed it.Weird.
  13. I sighed and decided to head to the backyard where there was a pool,grill,party lights,crowds that were break dancing and a snack table.My eyes laid on Jody who was by the pool.His feet was in the water and he seem to be thinking about something.
  14. I sat by him criss-cross applesauce."You okay?"Jody splash his feet."Yeah.""I'm sorry about earlier.It's just that she never mentsion you to me."Jody chuckled."I'm the one who should be sorry.I just thought she told you the SECRET.""What secret?"I asked.He shook his head."It wouldn't be a secret if I told you but then again you will get the chance to hear it.""This is a great chance to."I smiled.He smiled too and kept his eyes on mine.I felt myself go red but all of a sudden I got pushed into the pool.
  15. ****CLIFFHANGER!!!!HAHA!!!!Sorry but had to end there.Starting now,i'll put the last question and that is....who do you like?

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