I Know Your Secret pt.3

Welcome to part three of my first story quiz I Know Your Secret.In this part Jody isn't a result but he will be in the next part.This would've came out yesturday but I didn't have time.Enjoy.

RECAP:After school you went to the park with Cole and Lillian.Cole was talking about some party and you and Lillian want to go.Before ya'll headed to your house,you saw the guy.Lillian waved in your face and the guy was gone

Created by: rvelez
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  1. "That's too....ew."Lillian put away the scarlett dress and took out another."Hey,I actually think it'll look good on me."I sighed..I glanced at the one Lillian was holding.It was a puffy black dress that end at the knees.It had no straps and if you look closly it had a tint of blue.My mouth dropped."It's...""Oh I know.Just hurry up and try it so we can head back to your house."Lillian laughed.I snatched the dress away from her"Kendra." "Don't call me that"Lillian pouted sticking her tongue out and shoving me into the changing room.
  2. I came out and spined around so Lillian would see.She smiled."Perfect"I smiled and went back to take it off while Lillian payed.I came back out holding the dress."Ya'll ready cause girls that years to choose."Cole said by the register."Oh shut-up"Lillian laughed,pulling me and Cole to the exit.
  3. When we finally reached my house,Lillian dragged me to my room and closed the door."Lets get ready."she squealed.I took out my clothes and put on the dress.Lillian had hers on too.It was this pale blue with a glittery white bow around the waist."Wow,Lillian. You look stunning."Cole said.I should have came in earlier to see the good stuff."Lillian rolled her eyes and pushed him out locking the door."Jerk."
  4. I raised an eyebrow but she didn't noticed.There has to be something going on between them two."Will you hurry up_____!!?"my brother yelled.I open the door and saw him holding the key to the house with some cash."Dad won't be coming home til tweleve and I'm going out bowling with a couple of friends so here's the key and some cash in case of energency."he ran his fingers through his browm hair and his brown eyes gaze at me,concern writen all over. He's like a dad to me.My real dad is always out late with different women and he is always drunk.Now I know the reason why my mom had a divorce.
  5. "Listen,____.I don't want you staying here alone with dad but he told me to lend you the keys.I want you to stay at Lillian's or Cole's for tonight.Stay up as long as you want but don't come back here.I handle everything in the morning with dad in case he gets all mad."He turn around to leave but he came back."____,promise me you don't-""I know,I know.No drinking,doing drugs or doing sexual things.I know,Dale.I'll be fine."I finished.Dale smiled and kissed my cheek."Have fun but not TOO much fun."Dale laughed.He grabbed his jacket and left.
  6. I smiled and took out my make-up box.Lillian was already ready.She giggled and twirl around in her dress.I sighed and put on black eyeshadow while Lillian put on her heels.I don't do heels so I think It'll look cute if I put on blackconverse.I finally finshed up, put on my converse,and did my hair in a messy ponytail.Lillian had hers down but all curly.
  7. After I finished,I grab my purse and put the cash,keys,and my phone in there.I also threw in some lipgloss in case it gets dry and my lucky necklace that my mom gave to me before she left us.
  8. I ran downstairs where Cole waited.He wore a grey v-neck with blackjeans.His eyes widen at the sight of me."Wow,_____.You-""Lets go now!"Lillian yelled pulling us out.I locked the house and jump in Cole's red mustang."Party time!!!!"he yelled and we zoom off.Cole open the roof,the wind brushing against my face.Lillian stood up hooting.Gosh she so...lets just say weird.Cole chuckled and pointed to a house.It was a glass house,big enough for parties.Ton of people were everywhere.Some were on the roof and some were dancing out."Just in time."Cole smirk.He parked and got off.'Scream'by Usher was on.Lilllain got off and ran toward a group of guys.I watch as she got touched from each guy.
  9. I got out and went in.It was kinda crowded but I don't care.I felt someone bump into me.I turned and met grey eyes.Crud.The guy frrom my writing class was standing close to me.Our noses touched and I felt like jello.He backed away and disapeared into the crowds.
  10. I sighed.His grey eyes were....mysterous.I finally made up my mind to follow his but it was no use.Someone pulled me away.It was some girl with red hair and green eyes."Are you Dale's sister?!"she yelled over the music.She smelled like beer and she was dizzy-like.
  11. "Uh...yeah."I anwsered.She chuckled and closed her eyes."Tell him I love the c*** outta him and I want to have some fun with him tonight."I felt discusted.Thank god she passed out."Hey____!Is that you?!"a fimiliar voice squealed.I looked up and saw Remy,my chidhood bff.My eyes widen.She use to have brown hair now its all golden yellow and her blue eyes are even brighter than before.
  12. Remy hugged me and backed away.."Hey Remy."I laughed making her smiled."Long time no see,huh?"I joked.She nodded"This is my boyfriend's party but I can't find him."she looked around once again but sighed."What does he look like?"I asked.She laughed.Lets not worry about it.Lets have fun."We squeeze through people until a guy came into view."Hey,Remy.Who's this"he asked.He had blue ocean eyes and messy but attractive brown hair.He was very musculiar and tallish.
  13. "This is _____,Jody._____,this is my boyfriend's best friend,Jody."Remy introdoced.Jody smiled and took out his hand.I felt myself go red and quickly shook his hand.I let go and stared at the ground,shyly."So where-"Remy started but got interupted."He's over there getting some punch."Jody anwsered.She smiled."I'll be back."
  14. Jody took a sip of his punch.I felt awkward."So how long did you know Remy?"I asked.He placed his glass down on the counter."Long enough like probably six or seven years."
  15. "When did you meet her."I asked.He leaned on the counter."Since she was nine."Jody anwsered.I made a face.She moved away when she was eleven.How come she never mention you to me?"Jody stratched his forehead."Are you saying that I'm lying?"I smirk."No one thought you were."
  16. Jody avoid eye contact."Are you ok?"I asked.He looked down then to the left."Jody?"I turned his face toward me."Are you okay?""Yeah.I'm fine."Jody step aside and left.Great.Alone again.
  17. I sighed and noticed the guy in my class staring at me.He looked away and went inside a room.I followed him trying my best not to lose him again.I enter the room but there was no one there."Hello?"I choked out."_____?"
  18. I noticed the balcony open and decided to check if he was there.I step out and saw Cole on the left lookong up at the stars."What are you doing out here?" "I could ask the same but I need company."Cole laughed,his eyes still glued to the starry night sky.I stood by him and sighed."same here."
  19. "Remember that day when you fell face first into the my pool because-""i was trying to see my reflection.Yeah.I remember but after that I grab the hose."Cole chuckled.I laughed."and you wet me and Lillian back."i finished.Cole nodded."I thought you would forget that day."
  20. We both laughed again."By the way,I thought you wanted to party?"I asked.Cole finally looked at me.His green eyes were all on mine."Sometimes hyper machines need to cool it."I went red so I looked away.
  21. I suddenly remmebered him and Lillian.I must know if they have a 'thing' for each other.I look back at Cole.He was still staring at me."Cole?""Yeah?""Can I ask you something and you better anwser it."Cole nodded."Of course,____."I took a deep breath."Do you like....Lillian?"

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