I Know Your Secret pt.11

Welcome to part eleven of I Know Your Secret. THIS PART IS KINDA BORING...FORGIVE ME but if it's not to you then you'll comment right ?XD I'm just kidding.Descriptions are in the result so if you get Artie,it'll show only his.Enjoy:)

RECAP: You and Falcon went off to hunt in the woods and he spotted an unfilmliar cabin.He goes in but you stop him and think its not a good idea...but both of you go in anyway.Both of you soon saw Jody and he's acting different.Then sudeenly Jody takes out a pockknife and walks toward Falcon.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. "NO!"I yelled.Falcon dodged and trippedJody quickly.He fell with a THUMP,the pocket knife sliding across the room.Falcon took a step toward Jody and kneeled down by him.A fog like thing came out of Jody's body and it soon took shape of a human.I soon started to see the features of a guy smiling evily.
  2. The guy was glowing a golden color.He had red curly hair with dark brownish green eyes.He was musculiar and tall and he was holding a chain green necklace just like the other guys.Falcon stood up quickly."RODRICK!!!"He yelled.Rodrick smirk,still dangling the necklace."I think Jody lost something." Falcon glanced at the necklace."Give it back,Rodrick!"
  3. Rodrick scoff."Shut up!You aren't my boss.Speaking of my boss,she misses you so very much."He sticked out his bottom lip and did a fake sad pouty face.Falcon clenched his fists."Give.Us.The.Necklace."Falcon growled.He's fangs popped out,his eyes grew icyier andhis skin got pale.Rodrick chuckled."Now thats not a nice way to say that."He glared at me."_____,the stone keeper,come with us and I promise I won't blow up another thing." "In your dreams!" I yelled walking closer to Falcon.Jody groaned and got up all dizzy like.Rodrick smirk and opened another door near him.Out came Noreen.She took Jody's necklace and stuffed it in her pockets."Well hello,babe."
  4. Falcon unclenched his fists and muttered,"No-Noreen." Noreen smiled."Glad you remembered me because you're staying with me.I don't want to lose you again and I'm sure you don't too."She took baby steps toward Falcon unaware he still had his spear behind his back.She placed both of her arms around his neck and lowered his head down so she rested her forehead on his.Jody growled."You traitor!" Falcon ignored Jody and placed his hands on her hips.I can't believe this.I knew I shouldn't trusted him.Falcon cleared his throat."Noreen,I miss you and I don't want to lose you again too.I've made a horrible mistake,forgive me,babe." Noreen smiled,a tear ran down her cheek.She nodded,I guess lost in words.She leaned in but he quickly backed away and pinned her against the wall.Rodrick yelled but was pushed away by a gust of wind making him hit the wall too.Falcon took out Jody's necklace and tossed it back to Jody,who was suprised and speechless.He put it on and grabbed my hand,leading me out.
  5. I looked back and saw Falcon flew up in the sky before the cabin exploded.I stopped my tracks and stood there,suprised that this is actually happening.Jody tugged my arm,impatiently.I snapped out and noticed that it was Ray tugging.Jody was talking on his phone,practacily yelling.We all speed walked toward Remy's boyfriend's house.It was very dark and I hope Dale isn't worried.Jody bust the door open and as he continued to talk to the person on the other line.I sat down on the couch but suddenly got tackled in a hug."______!You're okay! I WAS WORRIED!"Remy cried.I hugged her back and noticed Falcon staring at me.He went in the kitchen and hid himself behind the fridge door.I let go of Remy and got up."I'll be back." She nodded and got up.I walked in the kitchen staring at Falcon.He sat on a counter,taking a sip of this red punch like drink."Whats wrong,Falcon?"I asked taking a seat on a stool.He look down at his drink before anwsering."I'm sorry about everything that just...happened just a few minutes ago."
  6. I rolled my eyes."Don't be.I like aventures and it was kinda fun tonight." Falcon gave me the wtf look."Seriously?I hate it.The whole thing about Noreen,I hate it.I don't love her anymore.Why can't she get that through her thick head?"He paused and took another sip of his drink.It created a red mustache just as he placed it down.I chuckled to myself. "Whats so funny?"he asked.I lift a steel napkin depenser and held it in front of his face.He laughed and quickly wiped it out."Thats embrassing."Falcon sighed and playfully pushed me.I remain grounded,not falling or stumbling. He looked at me impressed."Looks like some of your powers are kicking in." I gave him a confused look."What? I HAVE POWERS?! " Falcon laughed and nodded."As stone keeper,you indeed have the most powers."
  7. My mouth dropped."Oh my freckles.You're kidding,right?" Falcon smiled and shook his head no.I squealed and ran in the livingroom but ran back in the kitchen "PS Falcon,its not just my powers,you're just weak."I teased.His mouth dropped and I ran out,with him chasing me. "_____! You're gonna get it ! "he laughed.We ran around the living room,back to the kitchen,through hallways and out the backyard.
  8. I stopped to catch my breath but Falcon grabbed me and started to tickle me."Payback! "He laughed.I laughed out loud trying my best to avoid his hands.He stopped for a minute trying to catch his breath to. "Hey,Falcon...you need to CHILL."I laighed pushing him in the pool.He cussed as he fell in.His jet black hair covered his eyes from being wet,of coarse.
  9. I laughed myself out while Falcon slowly got out shivering a little."I.Hate.Water."he stuttered grabing a towel from the towel holder near by.I grabbed another towel and dried up his soft hair while he dried up the rest of his body. "Playing with water,huh? I WOULD be offended,Falcon."Artie muttered standing by the slide doors.
  10. Both of us stared back at Artie.His eyes showed no emotion which was hard to figure out.Artie stepped inside,walking away. "Uh,I"m kinda tired." I muttered putting the towel up to dry."I"m...going to sleep-" "We have a guest room here.It's across the training room." I nodded and went inside.A guy with platium blonde hair and blue-green eyes stood there."Hello_____.I'm Derek,Remy's boyfriend." I smiled."Hey.You live here?" He nodded."Want me to show you to your room?" I nodded and we walked down a hallway.
  11. We came to a stop in front of a peach door."Here you are.Sleep tight,____"he smiled and walked off.Right before I touched the doorknob,heat washed down my feet.I looked down and noticed that it was coming from the room with dooble doors across me,I'm guseeing it's the training room.I openned the door to the training room and wow...it was HUGE.It was two times larger than a regular gym.In the middle was Avery,throwing fireballs at moving dummies.The one he was attacting actually looked like Rodrick.He popped his red wings out and flew up still throwing fireballs but this time from his mouth. "WOW!" I exclaim.Avery shot his eyes toward me and flew back down. "What are you doing here,_____?"His eyes weren't hazel anymore...they were blazing fire.It was like he was staring at a wood of fire that reflected off his eyes.I gawked at him for a minute until he shooked me by the shoulders."_____,did you HEAR me?" I snapped out."Oh sorry.I'll just go.You look busy." I turned around but felt him grab my forearm.He swung me back to face him."Sorry.I didn't mean to...."
  12. I nodded and i soon felt like i was melting in his eyes.He dropped his hand and kissed my cheek."Goodnight." "goodnight I said back to him.i walked out and in my room.There was a queen size bed,dresser,a glowing wall that glowed a pale blue color,the balcony's blue curtains made the room more prettier and the carpet was colorful.I took off my shoes and hopped to bed,too lazy to change into the right clothes for bed.
  13. *The next morning* I felt someone jump on my bed making me spaz out."Sorry_____.Didn't mean to scare ya but do you want to train in our training room?Training at the traning arena don't open and I want to see your powers and how powerful it is because-"Mars went on and on and on making me want to go back to sleep.He shooked me then pushed me out the bed."Chop chop.Come on,_____.We got training to do and I know I just asked you if you wanted to train but forget that.I wanna slap the sleepiness outta ya." I groaned and got up."Fine but I'mma get you back." Mars smirk,touched my arm and ran out.I suddenly felt a rush of energy run through my body.I felt jumpy and hyper.
  14. I ran out feeling like running out of nowhere.I ran into someone musculiar and realized that it was Jody.He looked away,awkward for some reason."Oh,sorry Jody."I muttered still feeling jumpy.He looked down at the ground and walked away.I was going to follow him but I got pulled by Remy."Lets train but first change up then meet me at the training room."she smiled running off.
  15. I ran back in my room and went through the dresser quickly.I was still hyper so taking my choice of clothing wasn't hard.
  16. I put on some new allstars that was in the corner with oter cool looking shoes and put them on.They were actually new.I put my hair in a messy ponytail and ran downstairs.I stopped and out of no where....blacked out.
  17. *** I know..short but the next part will be filled with romance;) and it'll be longer than this part..

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