I Know Your Secret pt.9

Welcome to part nine of I Know Your Secret. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE OTHERS YOU MIGHT WANT TO. Ps: Part eight is called I Know Your Secret pt.8(The Coming) just in case you were like "WHERE'S PART EIGHT!?" It's short but enjoy:)

RECAP: You went to the park and you met the rest of the team.They tell you their powers and then Jody wants to talk to you.Both of you walked away from the group and he apologizes and hands you a white rose.He was going to say something but instead he lefted.

Created by: rvelez
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  1. I just stood there confused and speechless.What was he going to say?I walked back to the team."Where's Jody?"Mars asked ripping off grass.Falcon was staring at him weirdly and then he glanced at me,waiting for me to anwser Mar's question."He just...left." Avery made a confused face.He's not acting like himself lately." Artie hopped off the tree and landed perectely."He's always like this."he turned off his ipod and walked away without another word.
  2. I sat by Charmy and sighed.The rose seem to catch everybody's attention cause they were all staring at it."Who gave you that?"Avery asked pointing at the rose."Her secret boyfriend musta gave it to her."Falcon smirked.I rolled my eyes and decided to not tell them.Jody seem the type to keep things personal and i tend to keep it that way.
  3. "I'm bored so can we go ahead and tell _____ the rest of the problem."Charmy begged.Avery sat down across Ray."Ok.First thing first, _____....you are the stone keeper."
  4. I tilted my head in confusion."Stone keeper?" Avery nodded."All of us have this stone that is the size of a frezbee.It is extremly important to keep it with you and have it in a safe place because if it's in the wrong hands,that person who has it have the power to take over the person who owns it.They can either control you or take away your powers.None of us have our stones and they are all scattered all over the world."
  5. "So...what do this gotta do with being a stone keeper?"I asked."_____,you have your own stone and it's the most powerful stone.It contain all the elements and powers a regular supernatual can't keep."Mars replied.Falcon crossed his arms."And you know who is after the stones?Noreen."
  6. -Jody's POV- I closed the door of my room and sighed.I don't know what to say...or think.I feel like I'm lost.Completely.I flop down on my bed.Nothing is never easy._____ is probably confused and I'll never will get myself to explain the mess I'm going through.
  7. I sensed someone else in my room and quickly stood up."Who's there?"I growled.I know it's not any of the other guys cause they know how I keep my territory private.I walked toward my walk-in closet,wondering who or what was it.I grab the handle and openned it and to my suprise...it was nobody."Weird..."I muttered and closed the door.Before I could turn around,a hand covered my mouth and another pair twisted my arms in a painful postion making me cry out in pain but the hand kept it muffled.
  8. -____'s POV- My mouth dropped."What?!We have to find all the stones before she does !! " Everyone 'shhed' me. "We are _____ but what about your brother?We need ro tell him everthing so he will let you go."Avery said getting frustrated."This is TOO much !"He got up and ran off leaving us speechless.Falcon stood up along with Ray."He always get frustrated but he'll get over it soon.Right now it's probably a good time to go to training." Charmy shook her head."It's not open,idiot." Falcon growled."Fine.We're gonna grab our paint guns and squirt little children with it then." Ray nodded in agreement along with a small smile. Charmy rolled her eyes."I hope you get arested." Falcon smirk."Yeah,I hope I do."
  9. Falcon glanced at me."Care to join me?" I shook my head."No thanks." Falcon shrugged and they ran off.Charmy sighed."Guys are so immature." Remy laughed."Duh,all of them are." I gawk at the rose again,not listening to a word they re saying.What was Jody going to say?I need to talk to him but where did he run off to? "_____!Are you listening to us?"Charmy laughed.Remy was cracking up."Uh,no."I replied still staring at the rose.Charmy pointed at it."Who gave it to you?" I felt my cheeks turn pink."Promise you won't tell the other guys cause this guy is personal type." Both of them nodded and huddled in close to me."Jody gave it to me."
  10. Remy backed away."That's weird.He never has feeling toward a girl." I glanced at her."Wh-he has feelings for me?" Remy nodded."When he first woke up from being unconsious, he sat up and started to yell,' WHERE IS _____?! ' It was cute the way he said it." My cheeks flushed again.I can't believe it.
  11. *Jody's POV* "Thought you could get away,didn't you." Rodrick's laughed echoed in my ear.I felt discusted and his grip tighten making me wanna flip.I forgot when he turns into his supernatural form,two more arms appear and he's all scalely and green.He twisted my arms so they would overlap behind me.I let out a grunt."You deserve this, f****"
  12. I felt him dug his large long nails down my spine.I yelled in pain and fell on the ground.Everything was a blur and i was confused for a minute.I got up but he pinned my agaist the wall."YOU,are coming with me."He kneed me in the stomach making my fall down again.He picked me up and threw my over his shoulder.I was dizzy but I sensed he open the balcony and took off into thw sky with me on his shoulder...
  13. We landed in what seem like a hut and there was somebody I didn't wanted to see again.Noreen.She was smiling evily making me feel sick.This sould be easy anyways cause we are in the middle of a forest,just enough plant and wildlife to defeat her again."What do you want?!" I yelled.Rodrick glared at me then made me bow down.Noreen cleared her throat."YOU are going to help me get all the stones AND ______'s too." I scoff."WHY SHOULD I HELP A INSANE PERSON LIKE YOU ?! " Noreen held a knife close to my neck,so close I could feel it's cold point. "BECAUSE WE ARE RELATIVE AND I WILL TELL YOUR TEAM THAT SECRET YOU HID FROM THEM FOR SEVEN YEARS,JODY !!!"
  14. ***Sorry if it was short but part 10 will be extremely long,trust me and I'll try to release it before friday.WHO DO YOU LIKE?

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