Christie's Story Part 5

This one I'd like to give credit to ghettobabe4ever for reading this series. I may start a new quiz series.... I dunno. I may not, because I've been thinking about all the people who steal other people's writing, and I don't want that happening to MY stories.

I'd also like to tell ghettobabe4ever that I used one of your characters...hope ya don't mind. You'll figure out who it is soon enough. Thank you all out there who are reading my series!

Created by: Ericat

  1. Recap: She runs, and I stab myself instead.
  2. I slowly open my eyes. How am I alive? I feel something soft beneath me. At first I think it's a bed, but then I realize that it's a lot more lighter than a bed.
  3. My vision comes into focus. There is a girl with wings standing above me.
  4. "Hello Christie," she says. "My name is Angelica."
  5. That's when I look behind me and find that I've got wings. Is that how I've stayed on this cloud without toppling down into the abyss of the earth?
  6. "Christie, it is thou time," Angelica tells me. "Thou calling is Wiley. Guard his soul for he is better than he seems."
  7. I nod my head and say sarcastically, "I have no idea what you're saying but whatever."
  8. I fly down to Wiley's living room and cover my wings behind a shirt. Wiley is sitting on a couch, and when he sees me, he runs over and kisses my head. He buries my head in his chest and I say with proper grammar, "Wiley. Thou art my calling. I have been sent to earth from the heavens to guard you."
  9. Wiley kneels on the ground and pulls out a tiny black box with a ring in it. "Christie... will you marry me?" Tears enter my eyes as I say, "YES!!!"
  10. He slips the ring on my finger and kisses the ring once it's on. "May the heavens guard us for eternity," he says. And in that moment I knew that he was my guardian all along. He tried to save me from Christa when she had the bow and arrow. He probably tried to erase my memory so I wouldn't remember her as a bad person. Was HE really my calling, or was I his?
  11. ***THE END***

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