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Thank you for reading this series! I hope you like the next series, and I hope you know that Christie is one of my favorite characters and I wouldn't make her be a bad guy.

Shoutouts to: Weirdhead for starting to read and comment on my story, and ghettobabe4ever for ALSO commenting and reading the series! Thanks to both of you all! You've supported this whole series and you are the ones who have kept me here!

Created by: Ericat

  1. It had been about 3 months since Adam had said that to me, and I was hanging out with Christie at her house for the night. It was her birthday and we were celebrating by a sleepover.
  2. All of a sudden, Christie's phone rings. She looks down at it and frowns. "Who is it?" I ask. "Oh it's... um... it's Zach." It's weird because she hesitates when she answers. "Ok," I say. "I need to go get a glass of water. I'll let you talk to Zach."
  3. In the middle of getting a drink, I hear a scream upstairs that sounds like someone got shot.
  4. I run up the stairs, and see Christie lying on the floor. "Christie... what's wrong?"
  5. She looks up at me and says, "Kennedy... run..." I shake my head no. She stands up and I run over to hug her.
  6. I feel her arm raise up and that's when I look up in the mirror. Christie is sobbing, her eyes are closed, and in her hand, almost piercing my back is a...
  7. It's a knife.
  8. ***CLIFFHANGER***
  9. News for you that I want you to know: Christie is actually a good guy. You may not get it right now, but if you read the series, you'll figure out what's going on.
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