Second Love Part 5

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This one is the shortest of the series, and that's because I'm going to make an EPILOUGE that leads to another series from another person's perspective!

Shoutouts to: Weirdhead for starting to read and comment on my story, and ghettobabe4ever for ALSO commenting and reading the series! Thanks to both of you all! You've supported this whole series and you are the ones who have kept me here!

Created by: Ericat

  1. Adam leans over and kisses me. I blush and Christie laughs. "Same old Kenz." Kenz was what she called me when I was still living there. "Want to come over to my house after we're done eating?" Christie asks all of us. Adam nods and says, "Sure. My dad won't mind. I already told him that Kennedy and I might be out long because of date night." He winks at me and I laugh.
  2. When we get to Christie's house, her two brothers Max and Skip invade our privacy.
  3. Skip is 10 and Max is 12.
  4. Adam looks over at me and says, "I need to wash my hands after eating all that food. I don't want to get it all over Christie's controllers. Want to come with me?" I nod my head.
  5. He washes his hands and then looks at me.
  6. "What?" I ask.
  7. "You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," he says.
  8. At 8:30, we leave the house.
  9. Adam comes over to me and kisses my forehead and says..."
  10. "I will love you forever."

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