Christie's Story Part 4

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Now what's really surprising about this one is the person who caused Christie to try and kill Kennedy. (Don't worry though, Kennedy doesn't die, you just see what happens)

Though I have to warn you, this one is sixteen questions long, so it may take you longer than the other ones in the series. But it explains EVERYTHING.

Created by: Ericat
  1. "Christie, I want you to look up Kennedy Jones," says Wiley. I look her up in my mind and say, "Got it. Oh and what shall I call you?" I ask. A deep smile comes on his face as he says, "MASTER." I nod and say, "Okay master, why do you want me to look up Kennedy Jones?" "I want you to bring her here. And I shall kill her." "But master..." "DO AS I SAY!!!"
  2. So Wiley puts a spell on my family to where they will all of a sudden HAVE to move to Oregon, where Kennedy is.
  3. That night though, my brother, Max, hacked onto the website that had all the cylonials on it, and found out about how they put in a new memory chip. He got a new one that had my name on it and would revive my memory as soon as I saw Kennedy. Then I went through the same process I did with Wiley where I passed out for a second.
  4. ***
  5. I wake up... remembering what I was looking for. It was on my new memory chip. I was looking for a girl named Kennedy Jones... supposed to revive my memory? Eh, I can't remember. So that night I go to a resturant.
  6. When I sit down, a boy with black tossled hair and yellow eyes comes over. I remember him. He was one of the other sages that built me.
  7. He promised me he would find me one day, because we used to be lovers. When he did find me, he would ask me out. "Hi Christie. Will you be my girlfriend?" I nod, barely believing anything. He sits down next to me, his hand holding mine.
  8. Then a girl comes around the corner. She looks familiar and says, "CHRISTIE???" I remember her! It was Kennedy! I cover my mouth. "AHHH KENZ!!!"
  10. It was my birthday! Kennedy was here for a sleepover. She's ranting off about Adam and I'm here quiet. Zach has broken up with me now. He said he found another girl named Angelica. Which I was ok with, I was falling for a boy that Kennedy used to date named Julian. I feel bad for him, he kinda forgot he and Kennedy were dating because of the new memory chip that Wiley put in. My phone rings, and I look at the name displayed across the screen.
  11. WILEY
  12. I frown and look down at it. "Who is it?" Kennedy asks. "Oh it's... um... it's Zach." I hope she can't hear the hesitation in my voice. "Oh ok. I need to go get a glass of water. I'll let you talk to Zach."
  13. I pick up the phone, and it's Wiley. "WHAT DO YOU WANT WILEY???" He answers with a quick, "CHRISTIE WATCH OUT YOUR SISTER'S GONE INSANE!!!" Then I see Christa at the window, her eyes red instead of brown. "Hello sister. You pesky little rat." She pulls back a bow and arrow and shoots at me, me screaming. "This arrow will tell you what to do." It sinks inside my stomach and I fall to the ground, a male voice (the arrow) saying in my head, "Kill Kennedy." I shake my head no. I couldn't...
  14. "Christie... what's wrong?" It's Kennedy. "Kennedy... run..." She shakes her head, and I stand up, the arrow pulling me upwards for the kill. She runs over and hugs me, and the arrow comes out of my stomach, forcing my hand to grab it. I close my eyes and start sobbing, knowing what I'm about to do.
  15. Just when I'm about to stab her, Kennedy looks at the mirror and sees me.
  16. She runs, and I stab myself instead. ****CLIFFHANGER****

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