Christie's Story Part 3

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This is one of the more engrossing quizzes in the series. I hope YOU find it interesting. And how it ends sends a chill through your spine. You'll figure out what I mean when you get to the end.

Now Ima fill in random space: A dream is a wish your heart makes. When you're fast asleep... in dreams you will lose your heart aches and whatever you wish for you keep.

Created by: Ericat

  1. I start walking again because I had stopped when I looked at the food categories. But all of a sudden when I'm looking forward, I feel someone's cold hands go over my eyes.
  2. I fall to the ground because of how freezing cold the hands were. A bag goes over my head and I can feel myself being lifted up. It's quite a while, but finally I have arrived somewhere. I am thrown to the ground, and uncovered by someone dumping me. I look up and see a hooded figure. He uncovers his face and see Kennedy's dad.
  3. "Hello Christie," he says, his voice deep and echoing around the room. "I've waited a long time for this." I try to get up, but that's when I realize I'm tied to the ground. He pulls out a rectangle piece of metal. A memory card.
  4. "Too bad nobody's here to save you Christie," he says. I yell...
  5. He pulls up my arm and uses a screwdriver to open up the memory slot, the thing where the memory cards go. I pass out for a second as he takes the old memory card out.
  6. ***
  7. I wake up and look around. Snapshots of my old memory flash through my mind and leave, totally forgetting my old memories. I look at Wiley (Kennedy's dad) and say, "Hello. I am Christie. I am a cylonial, the most experienced robot in the world, originally created by one of the 6 sages, Sylvie."
  8. "Christie, I want you to look up Kennedy Jones," says Wiley. I look her up in my mind and say, "Got it. Oh and what shall I call you?" I ask. A deep smile comes on his face as he says, "MASTER."
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