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  • Yeet HQ
    "Okay BUDDY. You do NOT have the right to call me HON. You call me by my formal name Ericat. Are we CLEAR?"
  • "((I'm ok with someone else playing Emma. But goodbye for now))"
  • "Thanks Stardust for making it a link!"
  • "Emma falls to the ground dramatically, feeling her head was splitting into a million pieces even though she knew in reality it wasn't. "
  • Team S P O T
  • Ericat!
    "I come out the building, brushing my tail ((my character is part cat, so she can do anything a cat can)) and see Falcon standing outside wit..."
  • Ericat!
    "((Dang our principal is abusive)) I walked into the room, and saw the principal trying to hit Falcon in the head with a baseball bat. "
  • One Word Story
  • My Thread.
    "I have anger issues, so I get mad easily too."
  • One Word Story
  • Yeet HQ
    "YEah.... and I'm friends with them, so back off. I'm one of those people where if you mess with my friends, then you mess with "
  • Ericat!
    "I was in my english class when I heard a banging noise outside, knowing that Falcon was in the room next door where the noise came from...."
  • Ericat!
    "Sure (My character can speak english and spanish) Let me just put out some roleplaying rules. 1. No one liners. Try to wr"
  • One Word Story
  • One Word Story

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