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  • The Apology Thread
    "No one's telling you a lie when they say that. But you need to get your man back."
  • The Apology Thread
    "Ignore all these people, they don't know anything about you and Shadow. Frigging liars. But the Unicornkat x Shadow thing is re"
  • Shadow's castle
    "She left already. I'm pretty disappointed. Bye."
  • Shadow's castle
    "Yeah what the heck ShadowDrago2?! I'm pretty upset about this too! You said you loved her, and you said you wouldn't want anyone else. Just ..."
  • bubbles
    "One of the reasons I'm in the hospital, I tried to kms. Anyways I have to go. I have homeschooling today."
  • bubbles
    "Yeah. Sorry."
  • bubbles
    "Ooof I don't know what else to tell you."
  • bubbles
    "Ooof. They should let you get a job, because it's your life, not theirs."
  • bubbles
    "What about a college with dorms?"
  • "I'm not supposed to be here either, but I still sneak on from time to time."
  • "Yeah. You were gone for a long time."
  • bubbles
    "Hey Clara, did you see I've leveled up to Experienced now?"
  • "Of him."
  • "I heard. Kind of a jerk move."
  • "I'm in the hospital recovering from an injury. I've been here about a month now, and my doctor says I should be able to get out soon."

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