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  • "Sure! Everyone, this is CreateGalaxy, who speaks spanish and english (meaning please speak english around her, she'll just spea"
  • Shadow's castle
    "Okay then. Bye."
  • Shadow's castle
    "So if you want to talk to me, yknow... talk now, because this is my last time on this site."
  • Shadow's castle
    "Hiya... Just telling you this is the last time I'm posting on this acc. My mom said I've just I've caused myself so much"
  • What is your fav song?
    "For me it's Britt Nicole's "Gold"."
  • me and michael are sad
  • Houndlover's chat room
  • I want to start a thread.
    "I got addicted to an art site that's ACTUALLY NOT BLOCKED."
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "Tis very good."
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "I have disney+. We've watched the new "Lady and the Tramp". Although Donald Trump would call it "Lady and the Trump". Heh heh, get it?"
  • House of the Dead
    "If you want to!"
  • House of the Dead
    "I still remember the day I arrived. I had died from Diabetes, such a horrid disease. Man I wish sugar was good for you. Still, "
  • I'm so in love
    "He held my hand today. And one day, we both missed the bus, and he offered to give me a ride home (sadly, I couldn't go, because I had to as..."
  • I'm so stressed
    "DARN IT! I know nothing about how to post fortunately."

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