Which sans are you?

Hewo welcome to my quiz! I am a Undertale fan so I’m questing you are one as well. If you aren’t that’s fine! The sans you are I will explain them after!

Undertale is a really fun and great game made by Toby Fox. There are 7 sans you could get... which I’m not listing!, ok fine. Classic, fell, Geno , outer , blueberry,

Created by: Kairi( Kat)

  1. Hello! The first question is asked by Classic! What do you like to eat?
  2. Ink asked: I know this is cliche but... what is your favorite color?
  3. Error sans asked: aRE yoU A GlItCH?
  4. Fell has asked: Do you like your sibling/ do you want a sibling?
  5. Geno has asked: What is your fear?
  6. Blueberry has asked: DO YOU LIKE TACOS HUMAN!?!?
  7. Outertale Sans has asked: Where do you like to go to relax.?
  8. Now some random questions....favorite sans?
  9. Fate!
  10. You ready for the results? ( does not affect quiz)

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Quiz topic: Which sans am I?