How well do you know UNDERTALE?

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Hello and welcome, Undertale lovers and fans, to my quiz! Undertale is a great game, but do you know all of it's secrets? I hope you enjoy the show!!!

There will be three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each will have four questions, (Except for the final one) and there will be only one answer. I hope you enjoy!

Created by: FoxWithWings
  1. Easy: What are the seven soul colors and their meanings?
  2. Easy: Who was Asgore's Royal Scientist before Alphys?
  3. Easy: Name the two skelebros and their dad.
  4. Easy: What's a thing that Chara loves?
  5. Ok, medium mode! (Answer 1 is right.)
  6. Medium:In the True Lab, when you fall asleep in one of the beds, What tucks you in?
  7. Medium: Name one of the secret characters in UNDERTALE.
  8. Medium: What happens at the end of the genocide run?
  9. Medium: Name an UNDERTALE fangame.
  10. Okay, time for hard mode! (Answer one will always be right.)
  11. Hard: How do you find Tem Village?
  12. Hard: What did the Integrity soul look like?
  13. Hard: If you play Pacifist after Genocide, And say 'I have Places to go', what happens?
  14. Hard: Name one of the rarest characters in UNDERTALE.
  15. Lastly,Guess my favorite boss.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know UNDERTALE?