How Well Do You Know Undertale?

Undertale. A game that's known for its amazing characters, music, story, humor, and secrets. It came out September 15th, 2015, yet it's still very popular!

The question is, how much do you know about this amazing game? Are you an expert? Well, all you need to do it take this 10-15 minute quiz to find out! I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Rebekahh27
  1. Easy: What type of monster is Sans?
  2. Easy: What is the town that is very snowy and cold called?
  3. Easy: What color is Frisk's soul?
  4. Easy: Where does most of the game take place?
  5. Easy: Undyne fights with...
  6. Ok! That was round one, the Easy Questions. Things are about to get harder! Are you ready? (If you want the correct answer, it's option 1. No lie!)
  7. MEDIUM: What type of pie does Toriel give you?
  8. MEDIUM: Who is the king?
  9. MEDIUM: How many human souls are needed to break the barrier
  10. MEDIUM: The fame loving robot is named...
  11. MEDIUM: Who is the Royal Scientist?
  12. Hopefully that wasn't too hard for you! Because now, the questions are going to be even harder! Get ready! (Again, correct answer is option 1)
  13. HARD: What is the flower's name?
  14. HARD: Who was the Royal Scientist that became shattered across time and space?
  15. HARD: Sans can...
  16. HARD: Who used to have control over the timelines before Frisk?
  17. HARD: What happens to Lesser Dog's head when you continue to pet him after he is able to be spared?
  18. Wow, that must have been difficult! But things are going to get harder! This is the last section, and then you're done! How are you feeling about this? (Once again, option 1 is the correct answer)
  19. VERY HARD: What is one of Chara's red text sayings?
  20. VERY HARD: The light blue soul is...
  21. VERY HARD: Who does the Annoying Dog represent?
  22. VERY HARD: What does Sans say to you if you kill Papyrus on a Neutral Run and say, when he asks if it's your job to do the right thing, that it's not?
  23. VERY HARD: If you do a Pacifist Run after Genocide, and say to Toriel that you have other places to go, what happens?

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