How well do you know undertale

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This quiz is of Undertale and of how much you know about. Check out my other quizez please. And I will see yours if you have any.Well take my AMAZING quiz.

Do you love the RPG game called Undertale. Well you'll love this quiz it will show lines from characters and other things to so test your knowledge on the game and take this quiz.

Created by: Bonnie Fan

  1. Who says this "You're going to have a bad time"
  2. How many frogs are in the room
  3. Where do the hotdogs go when your inventory is full
  4. Who do you play as
  5. Does Toriel have a biological son
  6. Who are Asriels parents
  7. Who made the game
  8. Is the Dummy evil
  9. Who loves spaghetti and wants to be in the royal gaurds
  10. You are filled with
  11. What is Toriel named after
  12. What kind of pie Toriel makes for you
  13. What color is you're heart
  14. What is the mountain called
  15. Who says this "Who said youre in control"
  16. Which run will delete the world
  17. Which run will ether leave you with Toriel or go home

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Quiz topic: How well do I know undertale