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Undertale is a retro style RPG game where the protagonist (you) has to fight or spare their way out of the Underground. This game has an amazing plot and storyline. This quiz is to see how much you know about it.

Are YOU an Undertale pro? Do you know how the game works or the characters life and storylines. Test your knowledge by taking this quiz to see how much you know either if its low or high.

Created by: bunnyinatrashcan
  1. What mountain do you climb?
  2. Who is the protagonist who makes jokes to hide his depression?
  3. Who is the first person you meet?
  4. Who is the child that fell down the mountain while the game was telling you the story?
  5. Who told Sans to keep a promise?
  6. What does it say when you name the fallen human 'Sans'?
  7. How did Asriel die?
  8. True or False: Asriel is not Flowey
  9. What color attacks does Asgore have?
  10. What species is Undyne?
  11. Who is Alphys?
  12. What is Papyrus' favorite food?
  13. What is the route that will awake Chara?
  14. What does it say when you name the fallen human 'Flowey'
  15. Where do you meet Napstablook?
  16. True or False: Toriel and Asgore were once married
  17. True or False: Alphys and Undyne never kiss
  18. Who is Mettatons cousin?
  19. Who is Alphys weird friend that poses on Undynes piano?
  20. What does Papyrus jump out of?
  21. How did Alphys and Mettaton meet?
  22. How does Muffet laugh?
  23. Who is Papyrus' older brother?
  24. How did Chara kill themselves?
  25. How did Chara and Asriel poison Asgore?
  26. Why did Chara laugh when they poisoned Asgore?
  27. What gender is Chara?
  28. Last One: What gender is Frisk?

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