How Well Do You Know Undertale?

Undertale is a game created by Toby Fox. It is a 2D indie game where you play as someone who you name at the beginning of the game. This quiz will test your knowledge on Undertale. I'm gonna make a part two later on :)

Are you an Undertale PRO or NOOB? Take this quiz to find out :) This is my forst ever quiz so please don't judge :) And by the way, the results may be wrong.

Created by: lauren
  1. Ok, first question! What is the name of the flower that you meet upon falling into the Underground?
  2. Toriel, caretaker of the ruins, is who's ex?
  3. Sans and Papyrus are...
  4. Is the shopkeeper in Snowdin related to the bunny who runs Snowdin Inn?
  5. Papyrus' battle theme song is called...?
  6. Papyrus likes?
  7. Grillby's is a?
  8. What place comes after Snowdin?
  9. What monster can you find in Waterfall?
  10. Where is the Temmie Village is located?
  11. How many times do you encounter Undyne?
  12. Where do you meet Alphys?
  13. Does Alphys guide you through all the puzzles or only some?
  14. Mettaton has three versions of himself. Which is the Genocide Route version?
  15. Why does Mettaton EX fight you, and where does she fight you? (Yes, Mettaton's a girl. Well, her soul is a girl. Her body is a boy. Still though, girl.)
  16. What is Mettaton Box Form's theme song?
  17. What is Mettaton EX's theme song?
  18. The quiz is finished. Bye.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Undertale?