Who are you (Undertale quiz)

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Undertale, a game about a kid falling into a hole in a mountain... Cool eh? I'm not gonna spoil it much so don't judge me. There are many lovable and many HATED characters in it!

I wanna know if you might be like one of these characters! They are all different and kinda same at the same time.. Though we all know we are not all the same! So you might not fit in with the results your givin. But anyways! Sit tight and enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Papyrus_
  1. What do you most like out of these?
  2. How strong are you?
  3. What does LOVE stand for?
  4. What comes first?
  5. Which is better?
  6. What are you most like?
  7. Almost done
  8. Who do you think you will be (no effect)
  9. Ehh food?
  10. Done

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Quiz topic: Who am I (Undertale quiz)