The Magic Between Us part two

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I will make a part three! But check this one out first or else you will be confused on the 3rd one. Enjoy and have fun! P.S. I'm not sure how many parts there will be.

Also, before you do this one, make sure you check out part one first before you go on and do this one, or else this one will be super confusing. So yeah, check it out and PEACE!

Created by: Ericat of The Magic Between Us part two
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  1. Previously on The Magic Between Us: After dinner, Julian asks if he can take you to his bedroom to show you all the science experiments he has. When you get up to his room, you talk for a while but then you hear a loud banging noise where the parents are. You gasp, "What was that?" Julian looks at you with a shocked look on his face. And before you know it, you run down to the bottom floor.
  2. You and Julian are running down the stairs. When you get there, the lights are all off, and you see a man's shadow go by you and Julian. Julian is frozen, and even though the lights are off, you can still see him.
  3. When the man sees you two, he runs out. Julian runs over and flicks the light on. When he does, we both see that our parents are gone. You cry, and Julian pulls you into a hug, your face buried in his chest. "It's ok (your name). We'll get through this.
  4. When you lift your face up, you realize that Julian is looking at you. He pulls back wisps of your hair. "It'll be okay," he assures you. Then without thinking about it, he kisses you.
  5. I look up at him, and kiss him back. Then I pull away and say, "No this is a sorry excuse to be kissing you."
  6. Then the adoption authorities came. CLIFFHANGER
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  9. I will make a part two.
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