The Magic Between Us part one

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I will make a part two! But check this one out first or else you will be confused on the 2nd one. So yeah, enjoy and have fun! P.S. I'm not sure how many parts there will be.

HHHAAAVVVEEE FFFUUUNNN AAANNNDDD EEENNNJJJOOOYYY!!!!! Sorry if you don't understand this, but the quiz description has to be KINDA long when making the quiz.

Created by: Ericat of The Magic Between Us part 1
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  1. The world was ending.
  2. Fires all over the place, people screaming. . . and Julian why was he here?
  3. I jerk awake. That dream! I had that DREAM again! What was it about my crush, Julian, to where he kept popping up in my dreams? I mean, sure I liked him, but why do I have to have a DREAM about him? I pull on my clothes for school. Later I see Julian.
  4. When I get downstairs, I hear mom talking on the phone. "Oh yes, oh sure, I think (your name) would LOVE that! Ok see you then!" Then she hangs up, and you ask her who that was. "Oh that was just Julian's mom calling. She asked if we wanted to come for dinner tonight."
  5. That night, your mom tells you to dress up for Julian's, so you put on a flowey yellow dress. Then you realize that when you get there, there is a platter full of spaghetti, and loafs of garlic bread. When I go to my chair, Julian pulls out my chair.
  6. After dinner, Julian asks if he can take me to his bedroom to show me all the science experiments he has. When you get up to his room, you talk for a while but then you hear a loud banging noise where the parents are. You gasp, "What was that?" Julian looks at you with a shocked look on his face. And before you know it, you run down to the bottom floor.
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  9. I will make a part two.
  10. Bye

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