A bad good romance! pt.5

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Hello this is part 5. If you haven't read the first four parts then are going to be confused. If you hate love then get out! This quiz is filled with romance!

Do you think you will enjoy it? You better check it out! I hope you read the first four parts! Sorry this quiz took so long! I needed to look for some inspiration! Well read it already!

Created by: Story teen girl

  1. Then the bus came. She went on there and sat by Brian. Brian wrapped his arm around her. Then he said,"Have you heard? Japan is coming to bomb our school in 2 hours!"
  2. As they went to the school the teachers were outside, Theh gold us to stay back of run home.Then she put my hand in Brian's. She told Brian,"Brian,I'm scared!"
  3. Then Brian wrapped his arms around her and said,"Don't worry! I'm here for you! Let's go home." Then Brian picked her up and she laughed. Then Mary pushed up Brian's glasses and poked one of his braces.
  4. Then they reached his house and went in. Brian said,"Family this is my girlfriend." Then a women with a baby and a man with a toy came in the room.
  5. Then they went in his room. There was a bookshelf filled with comics and two lightsavers along with other stuff in his room. Then he said,"Make yourself at home!" So she sat down on the beanbag chair.
  6. Then Brian said,"What do you do for fun at your house?" I said,"I study." He smiled and turn to his shelf. He looked kind of nervous. He went sat next to her and opened his notebook.
  7. Then he wrapped his arm around her. He said,"I have a huge thing to tell you." She asked,"What is it?" Then his mom came in and said,"Son can you text your girlfriend's mom to come here?" He sighed and said,"Sure."
  8. Then his mother left the room. Then he said,"Never mind what I'm going to say,it's going to take us to far." So he grabbed the phone and texted her mother.
  9. Then they went on his bed and hugged. Then Brian said,"I'm going to tell you it anyways!" So then he put her hair behind her ear and touched her shoulder. He looked in her eye deeply and said,"I love you."
  10. She smiled and her eyes sparkled. She looked in his eyes deeply and said,"I love you to!" So they wrapped their arms around each other. The mother of both of them was there the whole time.
  11. You know.

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