A good bad romance! pt.1

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Hi there! This is a romance quiz! So if you hate love then GET OUT! If you love romance then stay on this quiz. The story took 3 days to think of so I hope you enjoy it!

This is a story about a girl who's 13 and in 7th grade. She is the most nicest girl in school. She has a crush on the school nerd,Brian. The girl's name is Mary. They go to school at Cattletour school. Although,there is no tour on cattle.

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  1. Hi,my name is Mary. I'm in 7th grade and I fell in love with the school nerd,Brian. He's cute by this reason:he wears glasses and has great cheekbones and he seems nice and has manners.
  2. As Mary was walking through the halls the whole school was buzzing about Mary's crush on Brian! She thought"Oh no! What if Brian heard about this! I might be hated my entire school years! Even through college!" So she quickly went to her locker and went to class.
  3. During class Mary's head hurt. She went up to her teacher's desk and said,"Mr.Grimly my head hurts! May I go to the nurse?" He nodded at me and pointed at the door. As Mary was going to Mrs.Wenger Mary saw Brian. He smiled and winkef at her. She spun around there was nobody there. She faced Brian and said,"Me? Did you here the latest news?"
  4. He wispered,"Yes I did. Wait,wich one?" Mary said,"Never mind! I have to go to the nurse office." He was right next to the door,so he opened it for Mary and said,"I have to go to! Ladies first!" So Mary went in.
  5. During the nurse office, Brian was staring at Mary. Then the nurse,Mrs.Grimly said,"Who's going first? Brian or Mary?" Brian said,"I'm going first ma'am! I need to take my medicine." So the nurse pulled him in the real office. Then the bell rung. It hurt Mary's head hurt worst! Then Brian came out and said,"Mary we have 2nd hour together so I'll tell Miss Grind why your late. OK?"
  6. Mary said,"OK. Thank you." Brian smiled and said,"Your welcome." Then he went. Then Mrs.Grimly said,"Mary why are you here?" Mary said,"My head hurts. I need some Tiley. The new stuff." So she went to her office and got the Tiley. Mary took it and went.
  7. Then the teacher was not mad at Mary. Which means Brian told the teacher. Then it was time to do their History class project. Since there was 20 of us(10 girls 10 boys.) The teacher made the girls pick the boys' name in a bucket.
  8. Mary was first. She put her hand in there and got the school bully,Fredrick. She was not happy! She said under her breath,"But I don't like him! Britny does!" Then it was time to do the project and Rose got Brian!
  9. Rose and Mary are BFFs so it didn't bother her much. Then Fred said."Stop your thing idiot! It time for you to do the project!" So Mary did the project and Fred did none of it!
  10. Then the bell rung. Brian came up to Mary and asked,"May you speak to me on the way to my locker?" I said,"I will. Did Rose tell you?" He looked at her and asked,"If it's about your crush on me then no." Mary asked,"How did you know?"
  11. CLIFF-HANGER! I'm totes sorry! I hope you enjoy it!

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