In the dark part 1

hey and welcome to my new series. this may or may not have some supernatural elements i havent quite decided yet. but it will definitely have some romance ha ha. and more guy characters for sure.

this part is sorta like an intro,you learn the background of the character and the setting and so on, so not as much romance but the next parts will definitely have some twists so stay tuned. i hope you enjoy my writing, if you have any requests please voice them in the comment box. have a great day :)

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Hey Hollister here. im just gonna straight out apologize for not being on gtq for such along time,but i am back, :) for those of you that dont know me im 13 and i like wrting stories,mostly romance some elements of comedy as well as an occasional twist ;) so i hope you do enjoy my writing.
  2. Your name is Elena, you have just moved to a new town. you are a highschool student and your 17th birthday is coming up soon. your mother (who you lived with since your parents divorce) passed away recently so you had to move in with your dad. you hadnt seen him in years and now moving in with him, you were anxious and nervous. but you're also happy in a way (not beacause you are some heartless person who doesnt care about her moms passing but because its a new start, you see in your old town marson township you were bullied a lot after your bestfriend betrayed you and spread rumors that you were a slut....
  3. in any case, you had all that behind you. but going from one of the most poplar girls at your school to a social outcast did have its toll on you obviously. your dad came to pick you up that morning, you had been staying at your neighbors' house. a blue bmw drove into the garage, your dad stepped out... a chill seeming guy who was wearing a suit and some pitch black sunglasses. you inherited his black as night hair, since your mom had brown hair so it clearly wasnt from her. "hello elena." your dad muttered stiffly and glanced at his watch. you sighed you were dissapointed that he was so cold to his own daughter.
  4. 'hey." you replied and put your bags and such in the back. you said goodbye to the people who you had been staying with and got in the car. you brushed aside a loose strand of your mid back length black hair. you glanced at our dad, who had started driving in the direction of your new home in beverly falls but noticed he was as emotionless as ever. you were emotionally drained and didnt have enough left in you to make conversation...
  5. you put on some music on the radio to get rid of the eerie silence, but your father turned it off. you looked at him with a puzzled expression. "silence clears the mind,better then dreary music" he says with a a scowl. "jesus christ, i was just trying to get rid of this creepy silence." you said shaking your head. he sighed deeply,but contuinued to look at the road ahead.
  6. you reach beverly fallls in what seems like an eternity. the first thing you notice is that people seem a bit less..well.. how to put this 'alive" they seem troubled by something,constantly glancing at their watches. all the adults seemed stern, the teenagers seemed a bit carefree at least..
  7. you drive up to your mansion. yes,your dad is in fact rich. when you were way younger you used to live in that same estate with your mother and back then, happy father. those were the days... in any case the maids put all your stuff away and you told your dad " im going for a walk to clear my head.' he nodded in agreement 'fine by me, " he said.
  8. you walked around absorbed in your thoughts when you heard a faint noise. footsteps actually. you had a very good sense of hearing and heightened vision. "whos there?" you said in an audible voice. you heard a fit of laughter. " i see ive been caught. " more laghter. ' yeah,so show yourself." you said coldly. " hm no wonder the attitude, you really are your fathers daughter." the voice said. you thought to yourself that it was clearly masculine, but not extremely deep yet, almost like silk his words flowed.
  9. more laughter. oh no, you had apparently said your thoughts out loud. a guy came out of the shadows,. " nice deduction of me. ha ha." the guy said stepping into the light. our face flushed red. he stepped into the light some more ( it was kinda dark outside btw) he had a shocked expression,but quickly regained his composure. leaning against the wall he looked oddly familiar he had black hair that covered his face partially in some spots and piercing blue eyes. 'remember me yet,elena?" he said. you tried to think of a name but coudnt. he looked sad
  10. it was only for a moment because then his face returned back to their pleasant state. he edges closer to you and whispers in your ear while hugging you. "its me chase." the word triggers a ton of memories in your mind. all childhood memories. how did he still remember you? "i could never forget you." he said as though answering your thoughts. it had been a while since you had felt so comfortable so you hug him back, tighter.
  11. "what are you doing here though?" you said. 'i thought you might need to talk to a familiar face,after all thats happened.." he said. "oh thank you thats awfully considerate of you." you said. you remebered how when you got back from school holding in the tears every day your mom always comforted you like this. now she was gone..forever. without even feeling it tears started pouring from your eyes. you tried to wipe them away but chase noticed you were crying. he motioned you over to a place to sit. he held you in his arms and you cried into his chest. he rubbed your head gently and once in a while said stuff like "shhh,its okay,you still have me." or "youve been strong for so long,its okay to let go in front of me."
  12. after crying for a while,,the tears stopped. you wiped your eyes and looked up at chases face. he looked at you with a look of understanding. "omg im so sorry i got you shirt all wet" you said getting up with a start. 'dont worry about it,shirts are replaceable ha ha." he said. "but i got it all wet!" you said dissapointed in yourself. 'no worries." he said and started taking his shirt off. 'relax its just because my shirt is wet after all." he said. 'oh..okay.' you said mentally scolding yourself for thinking there was some other meaning behind it. well your hunch was a way.
  13. 'come heree.' said chase in a rather sleepy voice. "o-okay." you said and moved a bit closer . he pulled you in until you had your ear against where his heart was beating. it was a fast but steady beat. "its beating kind of fast.' you said to him without thinking. he grinned a bit. "its cuz im with you elena." he said with a wink. "omg, its getting late. come inside chase. i insist. " you said gesturing that you both should get inside. "are you sure? if its not a bother." he asked grimly. 'you dont have to do anything for me." he said. "but i want to,now come on.. we have a ton of spare rooms.. " you said with a smile. 'okay.' he said with a big smile. 'but i want the room closest to yours. " he said with a small smirk. you blushed a bit. but the two of you went inside anyway.

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