Dark Shadows Part 1

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I'm back, which i guess is pretty scary. I'm so sorry I havent been on here for what seems like 20 years? Even though im 15...hmmm, oh well. Heres another wonderful-tastic quiz from me!

Your name is Valerie. You have Dark brown eyes that spark in the sunlight and brown hair that everybody wants. Carter is your protecter. He has blue, BLUE eyes and dark hair. Jake is the football player. Blonde hair and light, green eyes. This kind of introduces the story to you. Like it?

Created by: Lorren128

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  1. *Carter POV* She's so beautiful, but I cant have her. She already got claimed by him. But there's something about her that I just cant get over. Is it her sparkling chocolate brown eyes? Her dazzling smile? Or is it her soft, brown hair hair? She's just so perfect, I feel that I need her. Every time I'm around her, my heart starts to pound erratically. Her voice makes my stomach flip and my brain goes haywire. I think that I love her, but I cant have her....
  2. Valerie Jessica Jacobsen. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I only watch her from afar, but it feels like I know everything about her. I have to, if I need to protect her. She's in danger. He's after her, the one who claimed her. He wants to do awful things to her. Take everything she loves away from her and steal her innocence. He does nothing but destroys, and she does nothing but gives.
  3. I walk down the street towards her house. Its 10:17. She should've, hopefully, fallen asleep. I take up my spot across the street, looking at her bedroom window. The lights are off, and everything seems still. Her parents must've also fallen asleep. I sit down in the grass and look up in the sky. The stars twinkle just like her eyes. It's unbelievable by how every beautiful thing here reminds me of her. It's sad, how a petite, gorgeous, amazing human girl can make me so small and weak against her defenses.
  4. I daze off into a blissful dream of us. Hours pass by, and her house is still very quiet. I look intently into her bedroom window, something shifted. A movement of an object? No, a person. Either she's awake, or someone else is in there.I silently pray that it's nothing to worry about as I stand up and walk towards he house. Her light turns on. I find a tree close by her window and start to climb up. The tree is full of grown leaves, so it hides me well. I look out the window and smile out of relief.
  5. Nothing's wrong. She just woke up and nothing is wrong. I check my watch. 1:39. My eyebrows crinkle in confusion. She never wakes up in this hour. I look back up and she's looking through her desk frantically. Something IS wrong. She looks nervous...no, she looks frightened. She gives up on the desk and scans the room, biting her lip. She walks towards her closet and swings the doors open. Clothes are flying everywhere, shoes are scattered all over the floor.
  6. She stands straight once again and slowly turns back towards her bed. At this pint, my legs are cramping up and my foot is asleep. She looks out the window and looks right in my direction. I duck down behind the braches and the leaves, quietly praying she doesnt see me. She walks towards the window and unlocks it. I sink further back into the tree. Please, dont see me...I hold my breath and clench my fists.
  7. Her window door flies open, and she quietly looks around outside. Her brows furrow together and she sighs quietly. Her eyes start to fill up with tears, and I can swear I felt my heart break. I dont know what's wrong, what's missing, or how I can help. She keeps looking out her window, crying, when I see a shadow shift out og tje corner of my eyes. I look down and see someone walking down the street, hidden to the human eye. I look back down at my watch. 1:57. No one in this neighborhood should be awake.
  8. I look back at Valerie to see if she noticed the stranger, and she has. Her eyes grow slightly bigger and she quickly shuts her and locks the window. She goes and turns off the light and gets into a hiding spot. The stranger stops in the street and looks up towards her window. I quietly climb down and run towards a bush. The stranger glides closer towards her window. My whole body tenses up in worry and anger. Who is this? And most importantly, what does he want with my Valerie? I shift my body weight to the left leg, and a stick breaks. The stranger whips around in my direction. My eye catches a glimmer of something reflective. He was holding a chain of silver. It kind of looks like a necklace of some sort.
  9. I sit very still as the stranger walks towards where I'm hiding. Billions of thoughts run through my head of how to get out of the situation. The stranger is only 10 yards away. My legs tense up, ready to pounce. I shake that out of my head, I cant risk her seeing me. By now he;s only 3 yards away. I stop breathing, being absolutely still. The stranger stop where he's at, staring right at me. I lick my lips, feeling his pulse quickening. My nostrils frail, and I decide to make my decision.
  10. I jump out of the bush and run right behind. The stranger didnt see me do this, as he walks closer to my hiding spot. I smirk, stupid humans have poor quality senses. I look back at Valerie's window. Still dark, nothing happening there. I turn my attention back towards the stranger, necklace still in his hand. This necklace seems very familiar.I dont have time to think about this, because the stranger turned around. He jumped a bit, not expecting to see anyone at this time of the hour.
  11. I grin at him and he goes still. His face flickers as he thinks about what he should do next. I take a step towards him and he tenses up into a fighting stance. The necklace swaying back and fourth gently. I breathe through my nose, he fear over-bearing. I take another step, he takes a step back, the grip on the necklace tightening. I tilt my head to the side, desperately trying to remember why I know that necklace. The stranger looks intently at me, trying to figure out who I am. I take another step towards him, wanting him to be afraid. This time, he stays where he's at. For some reason, that got me very angry. I use my speed to appear right in front of him. He jumped back, peeing himself. I let out a gently chuckle.
  12. "And may I ask, who are you?" I ask very quietly. The stranger just stood there, dumbstruck that I just spoke to him. "I said, who are you?" He started to shake. "Uh...um..I-I'm, none of your, um, business...?" He stuttered. I shook my head. "Wrong answer. Whose necklace is that?" I started to grab it, but he quickly stuffed it into his pocket. "My necklace. Got it for my...girlfriend." I heard him take that quick pause. He's lying, badly. I look over him, making sure he doesnt have any weapons. He doesnt, I smile. I glance back up at the window. She's still hiding. As I look back to the stranger, I make a rational decision.
  13. I lunge at him, trying to scare him off and get the necklace. The stranger falls down and he scrambles to get back up. I let him struggle a bit and he runs off. Looking after him, I see something out of the corner of my eyes. I look down and see the necklace. Its silver with a peculiar charm dangling off of it. I pick it u, holding it tenderly in my hands. Holding it up closer to my face, i realize whose necklace this is. I look back up at the window. She never takes it off. It holds a safe spell, I made it myself, for her. Without it, she's more prone to danger. The stranger broke into her rooms, took it and wanted to run away with it. Who wants to hurt my Valerie?
  14. Thats the end of chapter 1! Tell me if I should continue to make this into quizzes? Also, i might stop procrastination and might finish the other quizzes...you never know! ;)

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