How well do you know Dark Shadows

Are you a big fan of Tim Burton films? Do you want to know your answer? Well you came to the right place! Here you can find out how big of a fan you are of Tim Burtons big time film Dark Shadows!

Are you a big fan? Or did you fall asleep during the movie. Well we can't really tell unless you try! Well you can tell if you fell to sleep, I can't though! LOL

Created by: Barnabas Collins

  1. What year did Barnabas renter the world
  2. Who turned Barnabas into a vampire
  3. How old is Barnabas
  4. What did Barnabas do to show the police that Angelique is a monster too.
  5. Who is Carolyn Stoddard
  6. Who kills Angelique
  7. What did Barnabas and Angelique do at there "meeting"
  8. What did Barnabas do to Doctor Hoffman
  9. What did Angelique look like in her monster form
  10. Who is Barnabas's true love.
  11. Who does Barnabas think Alice cooper is
  12. What does Carolyn turn into
  13. How did the movie end

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Dark Shadows