Tim Burton Movie Quiz

Think you know Tim Burton, THE GREATEST FILMMAKER OF ALL TIME? Find out by taking this quiz. Once you are finished, your results will determine how much of a fan you really are. Depending on how well you do will determine what Tim thinks of you.

Are you the Ultimate Tim Burton fan? Prove it by taking this quiz. Written by the Greatest Tim Burton fan in the entire world, this will not be easy. He knows so much about Tim, that he just may be Tim Burton himself! Or so he wishes.

Created by: Brandon Young
  1. What is Tim Burton's birthdate?
  2. Who directed Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas?
  3. What year was 'Batman' released?
  4. What Tim Burton film was written by Tim Burton?
  5. What film did Tim Burton make a cameo appearance?
  6. Out of the 13 films directed by Tim Burton, how many of those were scored by composer Danny Elfman?
  7. Which actress has worked with Burton more?
  8. Which Burton film features the tween idol Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana)?
  9. Which screenwriter has scripted more Burton films?
  10. How many times has Burton been nominated for an Academy Award?
  11. Tim Burton has 3 new films coming out with him listed as director. Which films are they?
  12. Which of these Tim Burton characters did Johnny Depp not play?
  13. What film to be released in 1998 was suppose to be directed by Tim Burton?
  14. Which of these films was not PRODUCED by Tim Burton?
  15. Tim Burton directed his first music video for which of the following artists?

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