Which 'Dark Shadows' character are you

Some say blood is thicker than water, it is what binds us, defines us, curses us. I am DarkWolf666 and my curse of not having an account has been lifted.

Find out what character from 'Tim Burton's Dark Shadows' you are most like. There are 5 results you could possibly get. I'm saying no more than that other than thanks for taking my first ever quiz

Created by: DarkWolf666

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  1. Family...
  2. You're taking the person you like out on a date, where do you take them?
  3. Favourite colour *i'm sorry*
  4. whats your favourite type of music?
  5. Are you Psychic?
  6. if you had to travel and stay there for a week, where would you go?
  7. how do you prefer to travel?
  8. what do you think of love?
  9. This is my first quiz. Will you comment to let me know what you think of it?
  10. will you rate please :)

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Quiz topic: Which 'Dark Shadows' character am I