Dark Shadows Part 2

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Welcome back to Dark Shadows! This is Part 2, which is Chapter 2 of my book! Please, constructive criticism please!

Your name is Valerie. You have Dark brown eyes that spark in the sunlight and brown hair that everybody wants. Carter is your protector. He has blue, BLUE eyes and dark hair. Jake is the football player. Blonde hair and light, green eyes.

Created by: Lorren128
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  1. *Valerie POV* I woke up Monday morning, incredibly tired and cranky, to my mom attempting to wake me up. She opened my door and the noises of the TV and the coffee machine rang through my head. "Sweetie, time to wake up. It's 6:30." My mom started to shake me and I groaned. "I'm getting up!" I sighed, rolling over to my other side, facing away from her. She left me alone and I opened my eyes. Last night was so weird. I dreamt that someone came into my room, took my necklace and went outside...
  2. I shook my head. No, who would want to break into my room, for my necklace I randomly found in my backpack a few years ago? It was a beautiful silver chain with a five-pointed star with some strange, but cool symbols imprinted on it. I smiled, just the thought of my necklace made me feel happier. My hand went to my neck, but I didnt feel the chain there. I shot straight up and checked again. Oh no, it;s not there. I flung my legs over the bed and got up. I searched everywhere for it, total deja vu coming on.
  3. Would someone break into my room for that? Why didnt I wake up if that is true. Millions of questions buzzed through my brain. I cannot lose that necklace, for some reason I felt a strange attraction to it. It felt very important, as if it were to be stolen, horrific things would happen to me, My face feel with sadness. I loved that necklace.
  4. I shook my head again. Whatever, I'll wear another necklace and look for that one later. I looked at the clock and realized that I barely have any time to get ready. I looked through my closet, picking out a black, floral romper with my high tops. My hair was surprisingly very pretty this morning, with loose curls falling carelessly pass my shoulders. It looked amazing. I did simple mascara/eye liner and got my backpack ready for a wonderful Monday.
  5. Walking towards my bedroom door, my neck went cold. I put my hand up to the spot and sighed. My jewelry box had no cute necklaces that would match my outfit, so I went without one. I walked downstairs into the kitchen, where my mom was impatiently waiting for me. "Hurry up, Valerie! You going to make me late for work, AGAIN." She rudely said. I sighed loudly and grabbed an apple. We walked out of the door and into my mothers car. She got into the drivers side and slammed the door shut. Great, just what I need to start off my monday...
  6. I got to school, 15 minutes before the bell rang. I hate getting here this late, I hate the people that go here. I walked into the cafeteria, looking for my friend, Crystal. I stood there for a quick second, feeling a pairs of eyes on my back. I turned around, but there were so many teenagers behind me, it was impossible to tell who was looking at me. I turned back around and Crystal was walking towards me. I smiled and she waved and skipped over. "Heyyyyy Valer-ayyyy!" Crystal sang to me. She was unnatural happy in the mornings. "Hi Crystal." I laughed. "Something's different about you....where's your necklace?" She asked as she poked my neck bone. How did she notice I didnt have it on? "Ok, first thing: OWWW. Second thing: I lost it." I said, rubbing where she poked me. She replied with a simple "Oh" as if she already knew that. We started to walk to our class, when I noticed a bruise on her elbow and her knee, as if she fell down on sidewalk.
  7. "What happened?" I asked, very curious. "What? Oh, yea, someone scared me last night and I fell down." She stated simply. I nodded my reply. We got to our first hour class, which was French 3, worst class in the history of the world. Naturally, the door was locked, as if she thinks someone might steal her paperclips. Crystal and I sat down across from the door and got out our cellphones. Crystal flipped her strawberry blonde hair out of her face. I got out french homework that is due in about 10 minutes. "Did you get the homework done?" I asked. "Wait, we had homework?!" Crystal could be incredibly stupid at times. I sighed hopelessly and stuffed the sheet back into another folder. Another late assignment. "OH. MY. GOD! Here comes the hottest piece of man candy ever!" Crystal squealed. I looked over and saw what she was looking at.
  8. Jake Hartman. Q gorgeous blonde-haired, green eyes, 6 pack hunk bucket. However, even though he is totally hot, he's not my type. Cocky attitude, slut cake, all the characteristics of a popular guy. "Hello Jake." Crystal said in a seductive voice. I just gave a small smile. "Crystal." He said with a nod. She gave back a flirty smile. He glanced over at me and blushed a bit. "Hey, Valerie." Jake said in a timid voice. "Hi Jake." I said quickly. not really wanting to talk to him. He smiled and kept walking down the hall and turned the corner. I let out a breath I didnt know I was holding.
  9. "Ooooh, someone has a crush on Miss Valerie..!!" Crystal poked me in the side. "Oh. God...no." I said frantically. I knew Jake since the first grade. He does NOT have a crush on me. Besides, I kind like someone else here. Crystal just laughed at my response and went back to her phone, the bright screen gleaming off her big, blue eyes. I looked down at my phone too, a black screen looking back at me, echoing the feeling of emptiness and emotionless feelings I felt without my necklace. It felt I was unprotected from some sort of evil. I closed my eyes for a quick second, trying to clear my head. When I reopened them, I glanced at the clock. 5 more minutes to go. The teacher still wasnt here. She wasnt a good teacher. I craked my neck a few times and leaned my head against the wall, resting. Footsteps echoed down the hallway and I open an eye, hoping it was the teacher. Nope, instead it was some guy. A very gorgeous guy, to be honest.
  10. Dark brown hair spiked in the front, in the skater boy type of way. Florescent blue eyes twinkled from his perfect complexion. A sexy jawline and neckline stood out from his black V-neck t-shirt and his gray jeans complimented his his navy sneakers. All this added to a very good-looking man named Carter Stark. All the girls are in love with him, but he doesnt have a girlfriend. Sadly, I am one of those poor, helpless girls that are madly in love with him. I sighed contently.
  11. Carter was looking at the ground and his hands were wrapped around his backpack straps. Oh god, he was just perfect. He looked up at me, like as if he heard me say this and gave a very ting smile. I smiled back. "Hey Carter." Crystal said cheerfully. "Hi." He whispered quietly. His voice was like velvet chocolate. I bit my lip and looked down, not wanting to make my staring obvious. "Hey Valerie." Carter said a bit louder and a bigger smile. "Hey." I replied. There, a short, sweet, simple answer. I didnt trust my voice. However, Crystal had other ideas. "Hey Valerie, dont you need help in French? I bet Carter could help you." She said with a wink. I stared at her, glaring in fact, then looked at Carter and smiled. "Sure." Carter said, sitting next to me. God, he smells good.
  12. He took out his French worksheet and I took out mine. Carter spread his legs out in front of him and he grabbed my worksheet to look at it. His hand gently touched my skin and a bolt of electricity shot up my arm. He quickly took his hand away and looked down. I looked at the clock, 3 minutes to go. Class was going to start soon, and the teacher was not here. I looked over at Crystal and she looked confused but shrugged her shoulders and went back to her phone. Carter was still looking down at the worksheets, filling mine out. "You dont have to do that, Carter." I said, reaching for my sheet. He looked at my hand and pulled away from my reach. "It's fine. Besides, the questions you did answer were wrong." He looked back downa dn erased another answer I put. "Are you sure? You really dont need to do that, I'll take another 0." I said. "Another 0? Geez, I thought you were good at French." He said, looking at my shockingly. I laughed. "No, I suck at this stuff. Irregular verbs? Masculine plural?" I rolled my eyes. I honestly didnt understand this stuff. "Hmm...odd.." He said under his breath as he looked back down.
  13. "You know, I could help you..." Carters voice trailed off as he looked back up at me. He gave me a small smile. My eyes grew big and I hesitated. What should I say? The most attractive man on earth practically asked me out. I had to make the right decision. "Sure, I would appreciate it." I said quietly. Carter smiled a bit bigger and I smiled back. He finished my worksheet and handed it back to me. Just then the hallway filled with students and teacher. All 3 of us got up and went towards the door. Our teacher, Mrs. Wheat, unlocked the door and let us in, with a little eye roll and a plastered smile. Today, she was wearing an ugly denim dress with ugly flowers sewn onto it. A black, long sleeve shirt underneath it and brown, clunky shoes covering her feet. Lets just say, she was NOT the most fashionable person.
  14. I sat in my desk in the way back, Crystal sat in the very front and Carter say right next to me. I took out my homework out as the bell rang. Carters handwriting was perfectly neat. At the top left corner was his cell phone number. Sprawled out underneath was a little note saying: If you need help... I smiled and glanced over at him. He was bust writing something, not paying attention to me. I sighed once again and looked back at the worksheet, biting my lip. Why does he have to be so perfect?
  15. Class went by quickly, mostly because i zoned out Mrs. Wheat's voice. I filed out of class and waited for Crystal impatiently. Naturally, she was the last one out, walking with....Carter? They were talking secretly. I put on a look of confusion. Carter and Crystal talking? I never saw this before. They were walking away in the other direction, not even noticing me. The last thing I saw was a note that Crystal gave to Carter. I turned and stormed off to homeroom, which I had with both Carter and Crystal...
  16. End of chapter 2! Sorry of there are spelling mistakes...it took me awhile to do this. But, please, comment and rate! And stay tuned for part 3! :)

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