Dark Shadows Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of my amazing series (I hope!) This is half of Chapter 3 of my wonderful book! Please enjoy!

Your name is Valerie. You have Dark brown eyes that spark in the sunlight and brown hair that everybody wants. Carter is your protecter. He has blue, BLUE eyes and dark hair. Jake is the football player. Blonde hair and light, green eyes. Brake is introduced in this part as well!

Created by: Lorren128

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  1. *Carter's POV* I let my breath out. I finally asked out Valerie..well I think I did. Well, I'm helping her with her homework, but still, she has my cell phone number, so it counts right? Crystal and I walked shoulder-to-shoulder to homeroom. which we have with Valerie. We were going to walk with her, but Crystal pulled me away. The anger I felt behind me was to harsh for me to bear. Just before I could turn and look at Valerie, Crystal took my arm and we turned the corner. As we did, she handed me a note.
  2. "Things are happening, Carter. It's escalating quickly, and it's getting bad." Crystal stated, a concerned look upon her face. I knew exactly what she was talking about. The stranger from last night, how he attempted to take her necklace, before I scared the shiz-nitz out of him. I sniffed and grabbed the note. "I realize that, last night was an example." I said as I stuffed the note into my pocket. "Yea, about that, you didnt finish your job. I had to. Very messy." Crystal rolled her eyes at me. "Well, sorry Crys! I didnt want her to see or hear me." I sighed, Crystal was such a baby sometimes. "Do NOT call me a baby, Stark. You know what happened last time!" She said with fury. I put on an amused smile.
  3. "Its adorable when you try to act tough, Matthews." That got Crystal more upset. That facial expression changed thought, as soon as we got to homeroom, she grinned. "Dont call me adorable Carter, tell your girlfriend." She walked in with a wink. I followed her in with a remark on my tongue, but my eye caught Valeries hair in the corner. She was talking to this new kid. He had pitch black, messy hair and dull green eyes. His skin complexion was so pale, that his dark green shirt stood out and his cargo pants laid lankly on his legs. He was also too close to her for my liking...
  4. Crystal noticed him too and looked back at me, extremely confused. She sat next to Valerie and met the new guy. They quickly started talking. I stood there for a few second, weighing my options. Valerie looked back at me and smiled. Naturally, I smiled back at her beautiful face, but instead of going to over to her, I went to the other side and sat myself, like usual. Her smile slowly vanished and she looked down, her eyes crestfallen. I didnt like to make her sad, but this guy sent dangerous vibes. Not to harm Valerie, but to harm creatures like me.
  5. Valerie turned back around and started to join Crystal and the new guys conversation. The new guy turned towards my direction and winked. Anger flared in my stomach. He definitely knows something. He smiled and gave a silent chuckle. His lanky body frame and pale face was familiar. He looked back at Valerie and his eyes shifted. Not in color, but something changed within them. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep me from doing something that I'll regret. I know him, thats a fact, but I cant remember him. One thing is for sure though, he's planning something, something that has to do with my Valerie. And if it involves her, I get dragged into it.
  6. The bell rang and I stood up quickly and walked out. Crystal and Valerie both looked confused. I didnt care though, I couldnt stand to be in the same room as that guy. I briskly walked down the hallway, towards my second hour class. Halfway there, I felt a tug on the back of my shirt. I turned and it was Valerie. "Are you ok?" She asked very concerned. "Yes I am, why?" I smiled. "You walked out of homeroom like you were pissed or something." She looked at her feet. "Oh." Thats all I could say. I couldnt think of anything else to say. "Are you mad at me?" She whispered. She looked at me and stared in my eyes. "Mad at you? No, never, why would you think that, Val?" I asked, worried. She smiled as soon as she heard me call her Val. That came out as a mistake. I bit the inside of my cheek. "Val?" She asked, smiling big. "Oh, uhm, yea. Sorry if that was, like, awkward...." My voice trailed off. "No, I like it. Very cute." She looked back down at the ground. "And I'm glad you're not mad me." She looked back up and smiled. I smiled back at her, she was so cute when she gets worried.
  7. By now we were just outside my classroom door. She gave me a small hug and waved and walked to her class. I looked after her, glad that we grew close this quickly, it makes everything so much easier. I walked into my classroom with a smile, but it dropped when I saw who was sitting down. The same guy that was talking to Val was sitting in the desk next to mine. He turned to look at me and smiled. I gave a quiet snarl. I walked over to my desk, attempting to ignore him and trying not to tear him into pieces. "Hey, you have the same homeroom as i do." His nails were like nails down a chalkboard. I shuddered, but didnt say anything. "My name is Brake, yours?" I just looked down at my desk. What kind of name is Brake? "So, you're not a talker, eh?" He stared at me, trying to figure me out. He gaze sent shivers down my spine. Only one person could do that. I looked at him trough the corner of my eyes, trying to figure out who this guy was. Before I could go any further in my investigation, the ball rang and the teacher walked in.
  8. I didnt pay attention to anything she said because Brake was staring at me the whole time. Middle of class, and in the middle of finishing a worksheet, a flimsy note flicked its way over to my desk. I looked over at the direction it came from, which so happened to be in Brake's direction. He was also doing the worksheet, but I saw a hint of a grin that a mere human's eye couldnt detect. I looked back down at the note, rubbed my eyes and reluctantly opened the note with a sigh. SHES IN DANGER. That's all it says. 'Shes in danger'? My stomach did a 360. I'm pretty sure the 'she' in this note isnt Brittney Spears. I chewed the inside of my cheek. What does Brake mean by this? Is he the one that has been terrorizing Valerie? I glanced back over at him, but he was talking to the kid in front of him. I looked at his worksheet. His handwriting was nicer then the words scribbled on this note. Could he have written this? Unlikely, but I didnt eliminate him off the list of suspects. I looked back at the note, hoping it would hold more clues. No such luck.
  9. The bell rang and everybody shuffled out into the crowded hallway. I walked behind Brake, still looking at the note. If he didnt write it, who did? It had to be somebody in that class, I mean, how else did it appear on my desk? Other options trickled into my head, but nothing really made any sense. I was walking to my next class, passing by the nurses' office. The stench if fresh blood whaffted up into my nose, and I could feel my eyes dilate. I quickly walked faster and soon the smell of sweaty teenagers covered the blood. At that instant, I realized who could have tossed me that note. Someone inhuman. Someone immortal. Someone like me.
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