A good bad romance! pt.2

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Hi this is part to of this romance. If you haven't read part 1 then don't read this yet. If you hate love then GET OUT OF HERE! If you say Yes to the first one stay here,if you also say no to the second one then stay.

Here are the characters in this part. Mary is the nicest girl in school. Brian is the school nerd. Fredrick/Fred is the school bully. Roy and Alex are Brian's friends/BFF.

Created by: Story teen girl

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  1. Mary looked at Brian. She was shocked that he knew! She asked him,"H-h-how d-d-did you know?" He looked at her and smiled. Then he said,"An 8th grader told everyone! Thank God he hadn't told my secret!"
  2. Then the 3rd hour bell rung. It was a half day due to a terrorist threat. Then Brian Mary's hand and wispered,"You know what? I have something to tell you. It's not a joke so please don't think it is!"
  3. So Mary whispered,"What is it? I promise that I won't take it as a joke." Then they went in the class.The teacher was mad. She asked,"Where have y'all been?" Brian spoke and said,"Mary neede help finding her book."
  4. Then Brian winked at Mary. Then the teacher went to the lesson. Then the bell rung. The teacher said,"Everyone is dismissed except Brian and Mary."
  5. The teacher said,"Today's a half day. So if you want to tell each other something go ahead. You are now dismissed!" So they went to Art.
  6. During art they have to draw sonething that suits us. Mary drew an heart because she's the nicest girl in school. During Brian drew a huge plus sign. Then he told Mary,"I drew this this sign because I'm the nerd."
  7. Then he said,"Are you wondering about what I'm going to say?" Mary said,"Yes a little bit." So Brian looked around but it was just the two pf them at the table.
  8. Then he said,"Mary I like you. By that I mean more than a friend way." Mary blushed and looked down. She got the red marker and started to color in the heart. Then Brian asked her,"Will you eat lunch with me? I want my friends to meet you. There are only two of them so don't worry." Mary put her hand in Brian's and said,"Yes."
  9. So the bell rung and they went to lunch. Then Mary and Brian went to Brian's friends. Brian said,"Mary meet Roy and Alex. Roy and Alex meet Mary," Mary said,"Hello you may know me as the nicest girl in school. It all over the school! Even though this school has an weird name."
  10. Then they got their trays. They sat down and ate. Soon they started talking about the upcoming test and the History project. Mary said,"For the history project I'm going to do Jesus. I have do it all by myself because I got the school bully. He is so lazy." Then Brian asked,"You got Fred? "
  11. Then they looked at each other. Then Brian said,"Last week he gave me a bloody nose and a wedgie." Then Roy said,"Last week he gave me a black eye and stoled rubber bands for my braces." Then Alex said,"Last week he push me and destroyed my asma inhaler!"
  12. CLIFF-HANGER! Sorry!

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