A good bad romance! pt.7

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Hello! This is part seven! If you haven't heard the news about a car crash between a car and a mail van. My preacher was in it and he died instantly. But,he's in Heaven!

♪Remember when you ran away and I beg you on my knees to stay? Well you left my anyways! The tears went worst to worst...♪ Comment the song title and the band!

Created by: Story teen girl
  1. Then supper was ready. So after Brian's dad gave her the supper, she bowed her head and prayed. Then Brian said,"The school got bombed today." Michelle said,"Is that why you came home early?"
  2. Then Brian took a bite of chicken and nodded his head. Then Mary said,"Sorry if I offende you but do y'all go to church?" Matthew said,"Yes." Then she took a bite of rice.
  3. Then supper was done. Brian said to Mary,"Have you met my baby brother?" Mary said,"I've seen it but don't know his name." So Brian said,"His name is Moby."
  4. Mary said,"Cute name." Then Brian said,"Do you want to go outside?" Mary said,"Yes." So he told Matthew where we were going. Then they went outside. They went to the backyard.
  5. Then Brian grabbed a picnic blanket and put it down. Then they both sat down. Bruan said,"I love you." Mary said,"I love you to." So then they wrapped their arms around each other and watched the sunset.
  6. After the sunset thry got up and folded the blanket. Then Brian put his hand out and Mary took it. Then they went inside. They found Matthew and Michelle standing.
  7. Then Michelle bursting out crying. Brian ran to her and said,"Mom what's wrong?" His dad answered him. He said,"Brian,there was a terrible accident."
  8. Then Brian said,"Who was in it?" Then Matthew started crying and said,"Your sunday school teacher and your preacher, Br.Hewet didn't make it." Soon Brian ran to his room and slammed the door. So I went in there.
  9. Soon Mary wrapped her arm over his shoulder. She said,"Cry on my shoulder." Soon Brian went to his radio and turned it on to K-love. Then he hugged Mary.
  10. Then Mary kissed his forehead. Then he stopped crying. He said to her,"Thank you for being there for me. I thank Jesus that I met you!" Then Brian layed down on the bed. Mary layed down with him and wrapped her feet with his. Then Brian wrapped his arms around her.
  11. Cliff-hanger! Sorry.

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